Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy, Happy New Year

Hello my darling!
It is 2010 and you were born in 2008.  Time is flying past Em. 
You are such a beautiful child - you hardly ever cry, I can push you around in the pram for 3 hours and you shout "Heyyo" to everybody and point out all the "baba - baba!"   Let me try to recap a bit on January. You learned to crawl all over the place, to pull yourself up onto your knees, to walk like a crab on all fours, to say a dozen more words and do more signs, to suck through a straw, to recognize and copy the Hadeda call and to hide things away - usually under your legs, so that when we lift
you out of a chair or pram, there is a  virtual treassure trove of biscuits, cheese, fruit etc under your lap!

You love water and Mom puts you in a tub on hot days, or you come and swim here in our pool. You are back at swimming lessons and have started physio with a new therapist. Your Dad was a champion South African Disabled swimmer and represented South Africa at the Paralympics in Atlanta.  I think you are going to take after him!
On the 15th/16/17th January you went to Parklands for your Pamidronate treatment. Mom bought you a smart new headband to go over the port bandage which helps prevent you pulling it out. The port stays in for three days and a drip is inserted to infuse the medication over three hours on all three days - usually about mid mid morning. Although you and Mom stayed over on Friday night, Dr Roos allowed you and Tam to go home on Saturday night and be re-admitted on Sunday.  That was much better for everybody.  This is your third treatment and I'm sure x-rays would show a thickening of your bones.
You love to go out in the car and to restaurants and shopping centres.  You are able to eat most of the things that we adults eat now. You ask for the menu by pointing and saying, "Book. Book".
Here is a photo of you with your Mom & Daddy at the Blue Zoo restaurant in Mitchell Park. It looks as though you are trying to decide what to order - sausage or a sarmie?
You can see that your hair has started growing.  You have long whispy bits on top and at the back but mostly it is still fine fluff!  People say you look like your Dad.
When I sign and say "I love you Em" you wave your finger and say, "Ay-yay-yay" back to me.  It is so cute!! 
I do love you Em - you are my sunshine child!