Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Hello Darling Em,

You'll see that there are two 'December' posts - this one is mostly about our house.

As you know, Gumpie and I bought a small cottage in a retirement village called Sandown in 2015.  We weren't ready to move there so we let the Douglas' continue to stay there but they moved out, the other lady who stayed there for a while passed away so now we are ready to move from our house into a smaller place.  Its called 'down sizing'.

We decided to have one last Christmas in this house and put it up for sale after New Year.  Sharon's aunty Dawn (Dennis' sister) is an agent with Wakefields so she will sell it for us. 

Christmas was great because the Jeff and Gail and the Leaver boys came down, Laura, Gavin, Ben and Garth were there and we were altogether as a family at this house for the last time.  You are always the Christmas Pixie helper!

After lunch you all played cricket on the path.  The boys used to play regularly with friends and family. 

Did you know that we bought our home in February 1969 so we will have been here for 50 years by the time we leave!  Greg and your Dad were born and lived here until they left home in their 20's.  You have spent every Christmas day since you were born in this house and most birthdays as well.  Carling-darling and Jenna-Jay are buried at the bottom of the garden. 
You loved walking around the garden and finding the 'helicopter' flowers on the Petrea, or the 'Yesterday, today and tomorrow."  The azalea flowered down the path leading to the Granny flat.

This is the bed you slept in when you came for a sleepover.  I stacked up pillows on chairs on the left side so you couldn't fall off and I slept on the right. 
You liked to play on the veranda and we would paint, play with dolls, dress up and do other fun stuff. 
When we had a braai it would be on the deck where the built-in braai is and in summer you could spend hours in the pool.  Your fingers and toes would be like wrinkled prunes when you got out and you liked to have a hot bath in the main bathroom after swimming.  We played 'Paralympics' and you always won the swimming events.

After your bath, you like to cuddle up on the couch in the lounge with a tablet or iPad and watch videos on Kidz-YouTube while the adults watched a rugby match in the TV room. 

Sometimes, when you were smaller, we used to bake cupcakes for afternoon tea!

We have many happy memories of this house, especially since you came into our lives!  Now we'll have to make memories in our new, smaller home, at Sandown Village.

Love you lots like Jelly-tots Em ♥

Sunday, July 1, 2018

JUNE 2018

Hey Bug 

Mom again shall we see what happend in June. It was another fun packed month, 
we really did do a lot of stuff. 

You have joined the La Lucia grade 3 choir and your choir was invited to sing at the St Luke's market. It was so nice, Granny was away so Gumpy came and joined us for tea and a scone and then we watched you choir sing some lovely songs. Your choir sang "The Rhino Song" that Mrs Carol Dillon and "How Far I'll Go" from the movie Moana. 

Straight from the wonderful performance at the St Luke's Market we were off to the Hluhluwe Game Reserve for a long weekend. Unfortunately you had a tooth ache so we had to stop at the dentist on the way and you had to have to tooth treated for an infection and we had to get you some antibiotics. But once he had drilled your tooth and let all the bugs out it was much better and hardly sore at all. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

May 2018 Tam

Hi my little bug, its mom here. 
I  have never written on your blog before. This has always been something so special your Granny has loved doing for you but she's asked me to help with a few months .
Shall we see what happened in May :) 

May was a very busy month for you, So let's get going.

4th May 

You took part in your first market day at school. You decided to do cupcakes and donuts and name your stand Cupcake and Donut Land.  You were so excited we bought the donuts but make red velvet cupcakes together. It was very very windy though and our helium balloons were quite useless. You decided to give them to Tessa your classmate to take home she was really happy. I think you made her day.

Emily and Gumpy at Rugby

5th May

We also had Sharks festival at the rugby, you love going to rugby with you daddy and gumpy.

This time they asked you if you would dance on the big screens for everyone in the stadium to see. You are always so brave and love doing things like this. The announcer asked you were you were from and you gave our home address to 15000 people but you danced like a little champ.

I think  you are just amazing !!

9th May

Every year you swim your distance badges at Elizabeth Smith Swim School. This year you weren't very keen as the distance double each year. So last year you did 400 meters 16 lengths of Ruthmaree's pool 25 meter. This year the new distance was 800m 32 lengths and it was a little bit to far. So we went and decided that you would just swim until  you were tired. You swam 20 lengths of the pool so 500 meters . I was so proud of you but they don't make a badge for that so we got another 400 meter badge . I'm so proud of you, you are always willing to try, even when you know it's going to be difficult.

13th May 

You sewed your very own pillow case for your Granny Laura. You have been going to a sewing class for about a year months now where you make little projects. Its run by a retired school teacher. It's been such fun for you, you've made a bag and a pillow case so far. So when I was working in the loft you asked if you could make something for your Granny Laura. She's wanted a replacement little pillow for a long time so with a little bit of help you sewed a pillowcase for her. She as so thrilled with it and you were so happy with what you had made.
Well done my little bug.

14th May

We are off to see the Wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz. He is he is a wonderful wizard if ever a wiz there was.
 Book character appreciation day at school. You had to choose a character from a book and you chose Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. You even had a Toto and ruby red slippers to go with to school. 

15th May

It's your Daddy's Birthday !! He was 41 today.

Meeting Donald at breakfast
It was also the 5year anniversary of our trip to Disney World. You were only 4 years old it was an amazing family trip.

Ice cream in the Washington Airport
20th May

Flag Animal Farm, it is one of your favorite places in the world. You love to feed a love all the  animals and you are even getting a little braver with the snakes (they aren't your favorite) and all the shows they have every hour. We can spend an entire day there you love it so much. You might be a bit of a farm girl at heart.

27th May

We are off the the Pietermaritzburg Royal Show.
What a wonderful day, you invited your friend Sam from across the road to join us and we had such fun. You and Sam were wonderful, you chatted all the way to Maritzburg a whole hours drive and keep each other happy and entire the entire day.

We watched snake show, learned how sheep are shawn, saw all the goats, sheep and pigs up for auction, climbed on huge tractors, ate a ton of pancakes, went zip lining and rod a camel ! It was a busy day.

You and Sam definitely made each other a lot braver. Alone neither one of you were interested in doing the 110 meter zip line but together you were super keen. YOU DID IT TWICE. You giggled and screeched all the way down and loved it.

You got so brave that you decided to try the camel rides. This was a lot more scary and when the camel stood up and you rocked and rolled on his back you were not very happy but you held on tight. When it came time to get off the camel you literally abandoned Sam and jumped off onto me
before you could get rolled around again.