Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthdays and Parties

Hello my darling Em,

It was Little John's birthday on the 6th October and you and Mom came with us to his birthday lunch at Circus Circus.  You made John two birthday cards - a big one and a smaller one.

And then it was your birthday party on Saturday 11th October. 
You had a lovely part at a place called @tap in Durban North. 

Your Mom made you a Rapunzel cake and all the children had Rapunzel plaits with flowers.

You and Do-do at the party

Your hair looked gorgeous in a double plait, sprayed purple.
Your Aunty Candice also had her face painted

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Hello my darling Em,

We went to your bike rally at school.  Gumpy did the boerewors rolls and Mark did the bacon and egg rolls.  There was face painting, all sorts of games where you could win lucky prizes as well as the main event - the rally. 

 You all had to do 25 laps around the course and you went on a push bike.  I must admit, my darling, that my heart was in my throat the whole time and every time you cam whizzing past me I just held my breath!

In the end, you won a beautiful gold medal and raised nearly R700 for your school!  Well done Em!

It was break-up day Friday and you were allowed to dress up, colour your hair and wear a fancy dress.  You decided to go with lipstick and blush and Mom sprayed purple and pink in your hair.  You looked like a real, grown-up lady!