Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24th Sept 2009 - 5 weeks to go

Hello little Em,
We are counting down the weeks now - no longer the months. Less than 5 weeks to go and you will make your appearance!

By 36 weeks most babies weigh about 2.5kg and are about 53cm or more long! The doctor thinks that you are even bigger - that you are going to be a whopper! That is great news - whoppers are usually happy babies!

Emily-Ann, you have absolutely no idea what an impact you are having on so many lives! Tammy is going to be a mother (that is her with my sister Patty - your Grand-aunty).
That is a huge change in any girl's life. To go from happy-go-lucky, free spirit to being in a close relationship to becoming a mother - something that lasts a lifetime.
Mark (my baby) is going to be a Daddy. He is going to be a father and will be responsible for the care, support and nurturing of another life.
Laura and I are going to be grandmothers. Wow! It took me a while to get used to being a Mommy - now I'll have to get used to being a granny.
Finn is going to b e a grandfather. He had a wonderful grandfather so he should do well as your Grumpy.
Greg and Steven are going to be uncles. I wonder how this will affect them?
We are all going to have a new status, new titles, new responsibilities ... all because of one little girl who decided to join the world!

A couple of Sundays ago we had a Norwegian family reunion here. There were about 30 people - all Finn's cousins and their partners, 2nd cousins and their children. There were five children - all boys. You are going to make a very welcome change in the family!
You will share genes with everyone here who is descended from the Aadnesgaard missionary couple, Otto and Anna. Is'nt that amazing!?

Well. Are we ready for you Em? I think so.
Mark sent me a photograph of your cot. It is all ready for waiting for you, even with a colourful mobile for you to look at.
Finn and I are going to replace the fence around the swimming pool next year. We are also going to re-arrange some of the kitchen cupboards so that the house is baby-proof!
I have been looking at camp-cots so that when you visit us there is a safe place for you to sleep.
I am really looking forward to seeing your pretty face,
Lots of love little one,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

17th August 2008 - swallowing on the scan

Hello dear Em,

I said hello to you yesterday. Mark and Tammy came to watch the rugby and you were 'moving up a storm' your Mom said, so I put my hand on her belly and I could feel your little butterfly movements. Then I bent down and spoke to you.
"Hello Em," I said, "This is Silly here. You must remember my voice because I am your grandmother." I'm sure you heard me.
When Tammy had her last scan they saw that you have really grown into a big baby. 2kg already!! Mark said that you could be a 9lb baby - which is over 4kg. Wow!! That is big for a new born. Big, but beautiful. You will have a head start on all the little underweight babies the same age.
Everything was fine with the examination and scan. They even saw you drink! Mark said that they saw you swallowing - that is so cute!
The radiographer measured your femurs, checked your skull size and your spine. There are no abnormalities - thank heaven.
I have a feeling that you do not have brittle bones, Em. You are going to be a strong, tough little cookie.
Not long now before you make your appearance.
Stay safe,