Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday 27th December 2009

Hello Little Em,
What a busy girl you have been! On Christmas Eve you went to Patty's for a family Christmas dinner. Jeff and Gail were there with Brian and Craig and their friends Katz and Gunza from Johannesburg. Greg and Shaz came, Michelle Moller, John, Finn and me.
Christmas is a time of giving and you got more presents than all of us but you kinda slept through it all!

Then on Christmas Day you came to our house and got more presents. We bought you a three-ring blow up swimming pool so that Tammy and Mark can sit in it with you on a hot day. You also got new clothes, toys, and a useful goody to help you learn to sit when you are a bit older.
You looked very sweet in your Christmas outfit with a little hat that Phyllis gave you.
Your Mom and Dad gave us lovely photos of you in frames. You look even smaller then! Now you have put on weight and have got a beautiful complexion.

Here are a few photos of you, your Mom, Mark and me on Christmas day. Your 2nd cousins Craig and Brian stayed with us and two of their friends from school in Johannesburg. It was a busy day with other visitors, Phyllis and Philip Russel, John and in the afternoon Shane and Nadine arrived with their two girls, Michelle and Monique. I remember them as babies and now they are all grown up. Its going to be really strange to watch you grow up little Em.
Mark and Tammy gave us all photos of you in lovely frames. Patty was so touched by her frame with three photos of you that she nearly cried.

You are watching Phyllis as she
talks to you in this photo.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday 20 December

Hello my darling Em,
We had a very special day today! This morning I wrapped Christmas presents and took this photograph of the first present we have bought for you! You are still too young to understand but by next Christmas you will be 14 months old and it is going to be very special.
The other thing that made yesterday so special is that you and your Mom and Dad had a swim in our pool! Tammy put 50 factor block-out cream on you, put a little denim hat on and carried you into the water. You were unsure at first but when Mark and Tammy held you and gently moved you about you seemed to enjoy it.

And then, after your 7pm feed, Tammy bathed you in our bath - your first bath in our house.
I think you are going to be a water-baby! You loved your bath. Here is a short video I took of you in the bath.

Every time I see you I see a change. You are growing so fast and you are trying to smile. You also 'talk' making lots of different sounds.
You are our little miracle Em and we all love you very much.
See you at Patty's for your first Christmas Eve dinner!

Friday, December 12, 2008

13th DECEMBER 2008 - 8 weeks old

Hello little Em,
You are 8 weeks old today and had to go for your 6-in-1 shots for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, HIB (Haemophylis Influenza type B Virus) and Hepatitis B. Mark phoned to say that you weigh 4.3kg!! That is really great! But, we can see how you are growing. Your little arms and legs don't look like sticks anymore and you have a little double chin!
Last Saturday night you went to your first 60th birthday party! It was Sharon's Dad's birthday and they had a dinner at the Westville Bowling Club. You were so good, only woke up once for a feed and then went straight back to sleep, even with all the noise of the music and laughter.
On Monday I popped in to drop some stuff off at your new home and Tammy let me hold you while she sorted out the washing and ironing. You were tired but didn't want to sleep so I spoke to you, sang to you, walked around with you and eventually you closed your eyes and nodded off.
On Tuesday I took Patty to visit you in the morning. Patty hasn't seen you for three weeks and couldn't get over how much you have grown! We both had a turn to hold you while Tammy went to have a shower and change. She dressed you into a a sweet little outfit and then got ready to take you out for the afternoon.
On Wednesday night we went to a braai at your house - the first braai in your new home. You were out with Tammy at a
hen party in Amanzimtoti and didn't get home until after 10pm. You were sleeping in your little car seat so Tammy took you straight to your cot.
This weekend you have gone to a wedding on the Midlands Meander. Your Mom is a bridesmaid and I'm sure you are all going to have a wonderful time. Mark said that you had a slight fever from the injection so they were giving you baby Panado. I'm sure you will be fine once the injection has worn off.
I walked on the Umhlanga front this morning. It was a beautiful morning - deep blue sky, deeper blue sea with little white waves, rock pools, and golden beaches. There were a lot of people walking along the front, and on the beaches. Some with prams and some with little children in their beach clothes: little girls in sun dresses and sun hats carrying spades and buckets. Every time I saw a baby in a pram or a little girl walking along I thought of you. You will love the beach and playing in the sand, Em. There are so many wonderful things for you to see and do as you grow up, I really hope that you have the opportunity to experience everything wonderful in this world.
I don't have any latest photographs for the blog but these are a few of the professional photos that Mark and Tammy had done a few weeks ago. You've changed quite a lot since these were taken. I just love the one of you in your first Christmas hat!!

Take care sweet Em.
Big hug and kisses,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2nd December 2008 - new home in Anthony mews

Hello little Em,

I've been really sick so haven't posted anything here for a while. I don't usually get sick easily but your Grand-Aunt Patty has had a chest infection and a cold and I think I caught it from her. I'm much better now though.
You will be moving home on Friday. Last week we went to your place at No. 7 Shiraz in Peach Place, Glen Hills to help replace curtain rails, pack a few boxes and generally help where we could.
Mark and Tammy moved into this simplex when Tammy moved to Durban and thought they would be there for years. But, the owner is coming back from Australia and gave them notice to move by the end of January.
 They didn't want to wait until after Christmas, so Finn and I helped look for a new place and we were thrilled when they liked the little simplex in Anthony Mews. There is a lovely view of the sea from the two front bedrooms - and from the front garden - and it is light an airy. We like it too, especially because you will all be that much closer to us now!
It was a very special day for me because I got to hold you for about 2 hours! You had just gone to sleep and Tammy hadn't eaten anything. She didn't want to put you down in case you woke up, so I held you. For the first time I could take a good look at you.
You are so perfect Em - like a miniature girl. I could see a vein on your head and a pulse on your throat. I watched you make all sorts of faces! At times your eyes were half open and it was as though you were looking at me. You opened and closed your mouth, swallowed, smiled, burped, made sucking noises. I had your body resting on my left arm and felt your chest with my fingers.
It was quite warm and you started to perspire so I opened the blanket a little bit. You have perfect shoulders and arms and your little fingers are long with delicate nails. I could almost feel your heart beating on my heart - it was like a miracle.
You are a miracle Em - a real, 100% miracle. You are like an unexpected gift; the most wonderful, miraculous gift! Every now and then Finn - your Gumpy - came to peer down at you and he too just shook his head and whispered, "Miracle, she's a miracle."
Now that I am better I will be able to help with the move on Friday. I can't wait to see you again.
Gentle kissies,