Friday, December 31, 2010


New Year's Eve 2010: 
This has been an eventful year for you Em. 
  • You started crawling in January and by July you started walking - in spite of a fracture to your right tibia in May. 
  • You also started signing at the start of the year and once you got the hang of it you learned a new sign nearly every week!  Please, thank you, cheese, ice-cream, apple, drink, dog, cat etc etc etc.
  • You have been for regular Pamidronate treatments every two months but from next year it will be every three months. I think the treatment is really helping and although its a bit traumatic for you and your parents, it is wonderful that there is something to help make your bones stronger.
  • In April you started going to the Shongololo Day School with your Mom and you loved it right from the start. 
  • Unfortunately you had your 3rd fracture in May but it wasn't long before you were back at school and then you started standing, and walking, and my hair started turning white!
  • You had a tibia fracture in September (number four) and you celebrated your 2nd birthday with a cast on your leg.  It didn't hold you back for long because as soon as the cast came off you wanted to stand and walk again.
  • In December you went to your first Christmas Tree Party at Dad's work and, at Rita and Dennis' 40th Anniversary party you fell in love with a little boy called Connor.  This was where you had your first kiss! 
  • Last week Mom and Dad took you to a game farm near Umfolozi where you got to touch a Cheetah!  That was very special for such a little girl!
This is the last day of the old year and we will be celebrating together at our home.  Em, I am wishing you a wonderful year full of new things to learn, full of happy days, wonderful adventures, lots of loves and kisses, special friends, caring family.  Most of all, I am wishing you a break-free year.  How wonderful would that be!
Big hugs my precious,

Saturday, December 25, 2010


What a Christmas season you've had Em!
Dad's friend Kevin and his girlfriend Jacqui were supposed to arrive in South Africa last week but there has been a big freeze in Europe with major airports closed and their flight cancelled.  So, earlier in the week Mom and Dad took you to the Emdodeni Lodge and Cat Rehab Centre in Zululand, close to Umfolozi-Hluhluwe Game Reserve.

Their aim is to care for wild Cheetahs, Cerval Cats, African Wildcats and Caracal (Lynx), which have been orphaned or injured in the wild and are in need of care and rehabilitation.  Some of the cheetahs have been reared at the centre from young and visitors get to interact with them.  You were able to touch a grown cheetah!  You were afraid at first but eventually you plucked up courage and touched one when it lay down.  On the way home you travelled through the Umfolozi Game Reserve and saw nearly all the animals there excepting for the cats.
On Christmas Eve we all went to Patty's. You were in your element with so many family and friends there. Ouma Laura was there with Johan, Steven and his lovely girlfriend Sarah, Greg and Sharon and her parents Rita a Dennis, Jeff and Gail with Craig (Richard and Brian went to Kenton for Christmas). And then on Christmas day you came to our house. There were stacks of presents under the tree and you were very good about not touching anyone else's presents. You loved the lawnmower and couldn't wait to show Gumpy your rake and spade. And then you modelled the little sparkly outfit you got that matches the dress of the Barbie 'Look-alike' dolly.

There were also lots of other people for you to play with and you loved Michelle and Monique who came in the afternoon - especially Michelle who played kitchen games with you on your new juicer, toaster and coffee maker. Such fun!
By the time evening came you were exhausted and Mom said that you were still fast asleep at 7am.
It is wonderful - and a little scary - to see you walking around everywhere Em.  Your right foot turns out a bit (that is the leg that has fractured 3 times) but otherwise your gait is okay. 
I still try to hold your hand or cling to the back of your shirt or dress but often you just take off and the next minute someone is tearing after you to ensure that you don't walk down stairs or fall over some object.
You are such a friendly little girl Em and you love company.  You hug and kiss and pat people on the back and you are also very polite, always saying, "Tant-you" and "yes please" and "scuse me" and "there you go".
There is an old song I sing to you called "I love you so much it Hurts".  When I sing it you join in with a few words like , '...hurts me ... darling .... blue ...  night ......soho"

"I love you so much .... it hurts me
Darlin' that's why I'm so blue
I'm so afraid to go to bed at night
Afraid of loooooooosing you

I love you so much...... it hurts me
And there's nothing I can do
I want to hold you my dear
Forever and ever
I love you so much .... it hurts me ....soho ...

I do love you, SO much my Em darling!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


On Sunday we were all invited to Dennis and Rita's 40th wedding anniversary lunch in Kloof.  Dennis's sister Dawn, and her son and daughter-in-law were there with their little boy, Connor.  They had told him that you would be there and that you were a special little girl and that he must be very gentle with you because if you fell you could break your bones.
Connor was smitten by you!  He held your hand and walked you around the garden (with an adult hanging onto the back of your shirt, of course!)  He shared all his toys with you and was quite happy to oblige with a hug and a kiss when asked to do so.  It was very sweet!

You didn't object!  You played 'hide and seek' with him and played with all his 'boys toys' - cars, trucks, Buzz from Toy Story.
Sharon sent us this email from Connor's mother:
Last night we were chatting before going to sleep with Connor. We were just telling him again how proud we were about how nicely he played with Emily over the weekend. He then said “you know what mom and dad I like Emily toooooooooooo much. I like her from this wall to this wall (stretching his arms out showing how much he loves her). I can break the wall down and stretch my arm to the other wall and then I will love her even more.”
Seugnet Grobler

Monday, December 6, 2010


You are two years and one month and this Christmas is going to be very special.  You understand about presents and parties.  On Saturday your Mom and Dad invited me to the children's Christmas Tree party at Derivco (where Dad works).  I was a bit worried about you being afraid of Santa because when I took you into Checkers at the Pavilion about a month ago you screamed hysterically when you saw a mechanical Santa playing music and saying 'Merry Christmas... ho. ho, ho!"  I had to rush you away from him and calm you down.  When I went back to the shop I saw that the Santa had been moved!  Maybe you weren't the only child terrified by the large man in a red suit waving his arms about ringing a bell and shouting out Christmas ho, ho, ho!?

At the Christmas Tree party Santa arrived in a little train engine.  You didn't mind the fairies but you weren't too keen to get close to him.  Inside, there were displays of food - snacks, sandwiches, mince tarts, eclairs, cup cakes, sweeties and, there was a chocolate fountain on a low table with marshmallows and biscuits for the children to dip into the chocolate.  You were delighted - and what child wouldn't be!  When your name was called Tammy carried you to Santa to get your pressie you said, "No present - chocolate!"  You weren't in the slightest interested in the gift - only in the chocolate fountain!
Mom had bought you a bubble-gun - which didn't work and we couldn't get the batteries out.  Isn't it amazing how often battery operated toys don't work.  I was horrified at how many parents had bought their little children - some only 2 years old, guns for Christmas.  There was a little tot - probably not older than 18 months - walking around with a machine gun! 
Your vocabulary is amazing!  There isn't a word you can't say and you copy everything you hear.  'Scissors, possum, birthday, Father Christmas, shivering, splashing' - you say them all.  The only thing you can't say is anything beginning with a 'G' or a 'K'.  You say those words with a 'T'.  So, when it is cold you say, 'It's tolt.'  And for 'look' you say 'loot'.  "Loot, me warting" and when you want Gumpy you say, "Where Dumpy darn?"  Its very sweet, Em.  You are a lovely little girl with impeccable manners.  You always say, 'Tant-you Danny'.  I am Granny but for now I'm Danny - but I don't mind!
Big kiss my darling girl.