Thursday, October 21, 2010


You just LOVE it when we sing Happy Birthday to you!  We started singing it to you about three weeks before your birthday and you started to join in - pursing your lips, "...tooo-yooooouuu.  Happy buffda toooooo... yoou!"  And, as soon as we get to the HIP HIP HOORAY you throw your arms up in the air and shout HOORAYY!!!! 
Every day, for a couple of weeks, we spoke about your 'Par-tee!' 
"What are you going to have for your party Em?  Balloons! YAY!  Fweeties, chips, joos - YAY! bistits, tate, ice teem, YAY!"
Your birthday party was lovely.  It rained on Saturday (the day of your birthday) but was bright and sunny on Sunday when we had the party.  Mom chose a barn-yard party theme so the paper cups, serviettes and cake decorations on your number two cake she baked were farm animals.  She bought you a gorgeous new outfit - denim dungarees and a checked blouse.  There were coloured helium balloons with long coloured ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Patty bought you a large plastic table and four bright chairs and these were in the middle of the lounge with colouring in books, crayons and toys on the table. 
In the morning Mark brought you here so that he could make sandwiches while Mom finished off her beautiful cup cakes at home.  Patty brought mini-hot dogs and a savoury platter, Rita brought strawberries and cream.  Mom made each child a party packet with goodies inside. 
At 1:30pm your first guests arrived - with a little girl who is just a few months older than you.  You were very excited. And then Angela and Clint arrived with Karla, and Lauren came with Kayla and then your Day Care lady came with her two children (Torben and Enya) and then more babies and children arrived - and about 40 adults!!  What a party! You were a perfect little princess birthday girl! Happy, excited, affectionate, cute.  Just lovely!

On Monday when Mom brought you to visit us you were very excited.  As soon as you saw me you said, "Part-eee Ganny, part-ee!"  You were so disappointed to see that the lounge was back to its boring self - no balloons on the ceiling, no children, no decorations.  I've decided that next year, if you have your party here, I'm going to keep the balloons, the table with toys a goodie bag and the birthday decorations for one more day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hello my noo-noo,
I am so sorry that you have had another fracture baby. On Tuesday night you slipped in the kitchen at about 6:45pm and sustained a hairline fracture on your right tibia.  We didn't know about it until your Dad phoned us at 9:15pm to say that you were in a cast again. 
They had taken you to Entabeni, had the x-rays and you were home already.  It took me back to the days when I did that with Mark. I didn't tell anyone when he broke until after he had been treated and brought home.  It was so much easier and less traumatic to do it that way.  Tammy put the old gutter splint from your last fracture onto your leg and Dr Stead agreed that it would be fine not to apply a new cast. 
Patty and I popped in to see you on Wednesday night and you were quite subdued.  When I asked you what that was on your leg you said, "Emmy boom. Ouch!" 
By Thursday when you visited me wearing a gorgeous polka dot dress and matching cerise pink cast bandage, you wanted to 'wart' (walk) and to go down!  Poor Tammy - she was exhausted.
When Gumpy took you to say hello you noticed mercurochrome all around his thumb nail. "Ow - Gumpy - sowwy" you said and kissed his thumb. It brought tears to his eyes.  You are a really sweet child Em and we love you very much.
You always ask for a biscuit when you come to visit - by signing for one and saying the word at the same time - but you never actually eat a whole biscuit.  You like to chew the cream off a lemon cream with your teeth or lick all the chocolate off the digestive biscuits.  Then Mom gets the left-over bits! 
You also love to help Gumpy sweep outside.  You have your own little broom but, of course, you mess up all the leaves that Gumpy has swept into a pile!
You copy almost every word spoken, especially from Ceebee-bees on the television.  Today the guy was making a paper dragon. 
"Dragon." you copied. "Eyes.  Tail.  Paper.  Blue.  Purple."  You sit and watch and repeat the words - its amazing.
When you left today I put you into your car seat and said, 'Bye, bye my noo-noo."  You looked at me and said, "Bye, bye noo-noo" back!
Big hug little noo-noo.