Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello my darling Em,

Next week I leave for another long walk in Spain and will be away from home (and you) for over 4 weeks.  I am missing you already!  Thank heavens for SKYPE.  I'll be able to SKYPE you from the road and also send emails from time to time.
I leave on the 2nd May and the next day you and Mom leave for ...... da-da! Disney World!!  Yes, you are going to Disney!  Dad has to go to a conference in Chicago and so he will meet up with you and Mom and you will have a wonderful time in Disney World!  I know that Mom has booked a whole lot of exciting things for you to do and Disney people to meet.

We had fun at Gumpy's 70th Birthday party on Saturday .  Mom made a lovely cricket-bat cake and you helped Gumpy blow out his candles (only three that were the cricket stumps).

Last week you phoned to tell me that you had earned your first distance badge at swimming. 

You had to swim 5m once and then go back the start and swim 10m with no assistance!  Well done my darling - you are a little fish!