Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Cast if OFF

On Monday Mom took the cast off - just three and a bit weeks this time.  You are giving me the heeby-jeebies crawling around and trying to stand again!  Yesterday I baby-sat while Mom had an appointment.  That is actually a bit of a misnomer, because when I 'baby-sit' I never actually sit! I push you in your pram - usually along Anthony Road all the way to High Ridge (about 45 minutes) and back, past your home to Wedgewood Crescent.  Yesterday we walked around Wedgewood and stopped to look at a lovely grey cat sunning itself behind a fence.  I called the cat and it came over.  You looked over the side of your pram and said, "Heyyo woo-woo!"  I told you that it was a Kitty and twirled my fingers next to my cheeks - the sign for kitty.  I picked the cat up to let you stroke it.  You are afraid of animals and pulled away but you touched it and pulled your hand away.  It stretched, rolled on its back and started cleaning and preening.  You were fascinated and wanted to touch it again.  Its a lovely cat and we'll visit it again soon.
I hope you overcome your fear of animals.  You were frightened of a little battery operated raccoon that Gail gave you for Christmas and its taken all this while for you to touch it and hold it to your face.  I can understand your fear of Carling because he is a big, black dog who barks loudly whenever you come here.  You seem to be getting used to Patty's little Yorkie, Muffy. 
Maybe one day you'll want your own kitty or puppy.
Love you Em,