Sunday, July 31, 2016

JULY 2016

Hello my darling Emily-Ann,
I went hiking in Switzerland and Italy from 23rd June to 27 July.  While I was away, Tammy posted photographs of you with Gumpie at Botanic Gardens. It looks as though you three had a good time!

I started my hike in the Swiss Alps, crossed the Grand St Bernard Pass (where the famous St Bernard Dogs are) and  into the Aosta Valley in Italy.  Then we got a bus to a hilltop town in Tuscany called San Gimignano and hiked from there to Rome.  I loved the walk but I missed you very much.  Every time I saw a little girl with blond hair I wanted to give her a hug.  By the time I reached Rome I thought that maybe at 69 I was getting too old for this sort of long-distance hiking but there were other people five years older than me at 74 years.  So, I might have to carry on for a few years still!

After I got to Rome, Gumpie flew to meet me and we walked 110km together to Rome.  He did very well but I had a fall and broke a rib on the right side and pulled a tendon in my left knee.  We were both looking forward to getting back home and seeing our family again!  You and Tammy came to the airport to meet us and you brought us home.  We were very grateful!

The weekend after we got home, Jeff and Gail came to Nottingham Road for a wedding so we all met at Barbz CafĂ© for a Sunday brunch.  It was good to see Jeff because we haven't seen him since his operation almost 2 months ago.  It was so COLD in Nottingham road because there was snow on the Drakensberg.  I took this photograph when we flew from Johannesburg to Durban.  The wind comes down from the mountains and blows all the way to the sea, making us all shiver!

There has been a drought in South Africa, with no rain for many months.  Crops have been dying and cattle starving.  You can see how brown the countryside is after no rain.  Soon we will have water restrictions which means that we have to be extra careful not to waste water.


I bought you two dresses in Italy and when you came to visit us you worse the dress
with the blue stripes.  You looked lovely in it! 
The sun was out and you spent some time playing with Dax and Josie on the deck.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

JUNE 2016

Last month we spent a weekend at the Midlands Saddle  and trout.  We visited the animal farm,
You touched the horses - and you went on a pony ride!


You also baked biscuits and played a card game.
 You enjoyed cream scones for afternoon tea

And, as always, you had your nails done at the beauty SPA

It is autumn in May and June and the trees were all changing colours whilst we were there.

Your Mom showed you how to hit the ball at Putt-Putt and you joined in playing a few holes
In June we all went to the Game Reserves, Finn and I to iMfolozi with his cricket friends, you with Mom and Dad, Granny-Laura and Gavin to Hluhluwe.  We met up with you and did a bit of game viewing in Hluhluwe.

You had a sleep over and I bought you a new 'Frozen' puzzle which you
managed to do all by yourself!