Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two weddings and a Funeral

Hello my darling Em,

Its been some time since I posted on this blog. Its been a busy time. Greg and Sharon got married on the 2nd May.

It was a very happy wedding. Greg looked so pleased to finally be marrying the girl of his dreams (I'll tell you their story one day) and Sharon looked gorgeous in her designer wedding dress.
Your Mom was a bridesmaid so your granny Laura came to fetch you from our place and took you home where they would care for you all day. It was the first time Tammy had left you for a whole day and she shed tears when they drove away with you.

Your Mom looked beautiful. Here she is with the flower girl - she is 4 years old and I know that you will be just as beautiful when you are a flower-girl one day.

I did all the flowers for Greg & Sharon's wedding and it looked very beautiful.

When that was over, it was time to start concentrating on your Mom and Dad's wedding.
We've been to look at vases and table runners, tie backs and candles. We managed to get the black pebbles your Mom wanted for the glass vases and have ordered the flowers - Oriental Lillies and white roses for the tables and for your Mom's bouquet and white and pink roses and stargazer lillies for the bridesmaids.

In between all these wedding arrangements, one of Finn's Norwegian cousins passed away. She was only 2 years older than me so it was really quite young. I didn't get to the funeral because I was away in Berg but Finn went.

Your Mom has caught a cold and is feeling really ill. Yesterday I went to your house at about 9am and looked after you until 2pm. You were an angel baby. You never cry Em. You like to have company and you niggle a bit if you get bored, but you don't cry. You are 8 months old now and you are beautiful! Your hair is starting to grow and your two bottom teeth are half way through.
It's your Mom's birthday tomorrow and we are having a braai here for some of her friends. It is Greg's birthday on Tuesday so they are having a combined braai. It should be a happy day.
Your Dad's two best friends have arrived from England - they will be his groomsmen at the wedding next Saturday. So there will be old and new friends at the braai and at the wedding.
On Monday I will be going with your Mom to see her wedding dress and your little dress that has been especially made for the wedding. I'll post a photograph here for you Em.
Sleep tight little angel, love you lots.