Thursday, October 27, 2016


Hello darling Emily,
It is your birthday month - 8 years old!  Wow! 
On the 7th October you went for your treatment.  You are so brave when they put in the port and you don't cry or complain.  Tam and Gail stayed with you and you were allowed to have a chocolate ice cream during the infusion.

Your Mom and Dad bought a big new King size bed.  For a few months you have been going through to their room at night and getting into bed with them.  There wasn't enough space in the double bed and Mark said you were kicking him in the 'you-know-what' and his head!  This bed is huge and you can all fit in it.  Tammy usually puts up a side protector but this time it wasn't up.
On Friday you were given a Happy Birthday rosette to wear at school all day.
Sunday was your actual birthday!
You had two parties!  One for the children at your home with bean bags and dress up; and one at the SPUR on Sunday for the oldies and a few parents.


On Wednesday after your party, Tammy had to have an operation on her wrist.  I fetched you from school and took you home.  Mark brought Tammy home and once she was settled, Mark, you and I went to the Wimpy in Kensington for lunch.

You seemed to know everyone on Kensington!  The staff at Wimpy and at Walton's next door knew you and spent time between eating, visiting friends next door and playing on the jungle-gym play ground.   When three bigger boys arrived and started chasing each other on the jungle-gym we asked you to join us at the table for a while.  One of the boys had Down Syndrome and we explained to you that he was born with a genetic condition which meant that he might not be able to understand that he couldn't play rough games with you because you had a different genetic condition called osteogenesis imperfect (brittle bones).  You accepted that and waited for them to leave before you went back to playing on the gym.

Having a birthday so late in the year (you are the 2nd youngest in your class - and the smallest) has shown that you might need to repeat Grade 2 next year.  Your IQ is exceptional and you have scored above average for things like vocabulary, memory and maths etc but your ability to concentrate and progress shows that you are immature for your grade. 

We have told you that many brilliant people had to repeat grades (including Albert Einstein) so it won't be a huge setback for you.  You already have friends in First Grade who you will socialize with next year and your Grade 2 friends will still be at the school next year.  Mark said that they have mentioned this to you but, understandably, you are not happy about repeating so they won't confirm it until about 2 weeks before the end of the term.

When you are in University one day you won't remember how it was in Grade 2!

Love you more than jelly-tots my darling!   (And you will say - "love you more than Smarties!)