Friday, November 30, 2012


Hello Em,
Gumpy's cousins, Anthony and Carol, arrived from Australia today to spend some time with us so Carol came with me to your school concert.
Ant and Carol left South Africa 25 years ago to live in Australia and they have children and grandchildren there and in Tasmania.

This was your first Christmas concert at school - you were one of the shepherds.  It was a lovely concert, all about Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem, the star, no room at the inn and the birth of the baby Jesus.
I sat near the back with Carol so couldn't get any really nice photographs but Shay took some and will send them to me when she has time.  The only one that I can put here is a bit grainy and dark but you can see your shepherd's cloak and your long, blond ponytail.

After the concert we were allowed to meet you in your classroom where you handed over a gift you had made for your Mom and Dad.  It was a lovely calendar and Mrs Davey said that you had worked really hard on making it.
Father Christmas also visited your school and for the first time you weren't really afraid of him - even though it looks as though you are gritting your teeth in this photograph!
I am really looking forward to Christmas with you this year.  It will be the first Christmas that you really understand what it is all about. 
Big hugs my little angel - love you lots!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Hello my darling Em,

I loved having you sleep-over this weekend! 
You slept over once or twice when you were a baby and slept in a camp cot but you haven't slept over for a long time. 

Now that you are in your own bed, Mom and Dad allowed you to sleep over when they went to a wedding in the midlands. 

We put a matress down in our room - between the chest of drawers and a chair and padded with pillows.  It made a lovely snug bed for you. 
We played house, tea-party, drawing, cutting out and pasting, and even copied Mr Maker and made animal faces with floppy ears.

You had your dinner with Gumpy - chicken and potato wedges - and after your bath we lay down on your bed and I read you a story.  Then we switched off the light and within 10 minutes you were fast asleep.
I think you dream a lot because you spoke in your sleep and once you even shouted something.

At 4:50am I heard you calling for Mommy.  You were confused and had started walking to the door but I called you and you climbed into my bed.  I thought you might go back to sleep but you were wide awake by then and decided it was a good time to do puzzles and put lipstick on me and your doll Roxy. 

By 8am you were tired and you had a little nap while we were watching TV.  It was a lovely sunny day so we played in the garden, cleaned out the weir at the swimming-pool and did a concert under the Leopard tree.  You did ballet and I did rock 'n roll!

Mom and Dad came for you at mid-day and I missed you when you were gone. 

This painting was done by fingers and brushes.  You splashed paint onto a piece of paper and then you smeared it with your fingers.  I folded it over because there was too much paint on the paper.  When we opened the paper it revealed this lovely colourful butterfly!