Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello my darling Em.
You are now 22 months old, have a vocabulary of about 50 words, understand at least another 100 words, can still sign at least 20 words.  And sometimes you sound just like your Mom!  When you see something wonderful you say, "Oh WOW!"  (Just as she does).  When we say thank you to you, you say, "No problem" and when something disappoints you, you say, "Oh no!"
And, you have become a Mommy's girl.  You don't like to let her out of your sight and if I play with you, you take your Mom's hand and say "Come mommy, come."  You wave your little fingers as though calling a dog!
On Saturday I babysat while your Dad drove your Mom to the airport. (She was going away for her friend's hen party).  You woke up while he was gone and when I went into your room you were rubbing your eyes and calling, 'mummy-daddy, momma-dadda!'  As soon as you saw me your face dropped and you said, "Oh no!"  I couldn't help laughing and you looked quite confused! 
You now walk all over the place.  On Saturday we came back here to our house to have a braai before the men - Gumpy, Greg and Mark - watched rugby.  I spent nearly all afternoon walking bent over, holding onto the back of your shirt as you toddled up and down the garden path, around the corner to the granny-flat, onto the drive-way to where the cars were parked.  Once the guys went inside to watch rugby I put you in your pram and took you for a walk around the block. 
I went home with you and Mark to your house and you fell asleep in the car on the way home.  You are an angel baby Em - a real little angel.
On Sunday morning I made Mark go through to your room when you woke at 5h30 so that you wouldn't be disappointed again seeing me instead of Mummy or Daddy!  Once you were awake you were happy to be with me but you still asked for Mummy.  We went to the airport to fetch her at 7am and I don't know who was more happy to see the other!
This weekend you'll be going into Entabeni to have your pamidronate treatment again.  The months seem to fly and it seems like last week that you were in hospital.  Mark and I were talking about his breaks and the lack of treatment when he was a baby - how things could have been different for him (and us) if there had been pamidronate 30 years ago.  Maybe he wouldn't have had over 130 fractures and a dozen surgeries.  I'm so grateful that you don't have to go through all that my darling.  I'm also grateful that your OI is not one of the severe types.  I've just finished reading a book called "Fragile, Handle With Care" about a little girl with OI Type 111 and kept thinking how lucky we are that your Dad, and you, are not a severely affected.

My friend May Miller is going to be walking the Camino pilgrimage in Spain and has decided to walk for you.  What this means is that she will pray for you as she walks and will carry a photograph of you and your Mom and Dad.  People are really kind and we are grateful for their support.
You had a temperature today so your Mom didn't take you to play school.  I miss you when we don't see you in the afternoon - even if its just for a short visit.
I love you Em,

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Real little Toddler!!

Hello Em my darling. 
I am baby-sitting this morning while Mom helps out for a couple of hours at Derivco.  Because I'm still nervous of you walking, I plonked you in the pram and took you for a nice long walk after Mom left. 
We usually go eastward up Anthony drive all the way to High Ridge (about 2km) looking at birds, flowers, dogs, cats, other walkers, aeroplanes etc along the way. There is one verge along the way that has a long hedge made up of different coloured bougnvillas. You know the word Bouganvilla and I always show you the flowers on our plant at home. Here are some of the colours we see.
When we walk along Anthony, we look out for the bouganvilla and I pick a few flowers of each colour for you to Oooh-and-aaah over.

You also like the Hibiscus hedge at the corner of High Ridge and Anthony becuase the branches with flowers on are low enough for you to reach. It is so sweet when you take on and hold it to your nose to smell!

This morning we saw two light aircraft and a helicopter as wll as hadeda ibis, kingfisher, Indian myna, weaver birds and a couple of woolly neck stork swooping just above our heads. The Umgeni river isn't far from your house and there are all sorts of birds that live near the river including fish eagles and pelicans. The yellow billed kites are back too - always a sign that spring is here. They are migrants from Central Africa and always return to South Africa around the beginning of August. I saw the first one on my birthday - 6th August!
We don't often see the Kingfishers but with the river being so close, there are more about here that in most suburban gardens.
The Fish Eagle is thought to be the bird that best represents Africa but the Hadeda is the one that makes me think of home! They are noisy, comical, almost chicken-like the way they scratch about in the garden and everyone knows their raucous call ' Ahhh.. ahhh". And, they don't disappear as soon as winter comes - they stay the course throughout the year.


When we got back to the house you looked quite sleepy so I changed your nappy and sat you in the other pram in front of Barney for a while.  Then we went in search of your Lambert (a little white lamb) and I put you down in your cot.  You didn't complain and you have been asleep for about 1.5 hours. 
The other day I bought you a soft toilet seat that fits onto the regular toilet seat.  You will be 22 months old next week and it is nearly time to start potty training.  Mom bought you a little plastic potty and sometimes you play on it but most times you put your Teddy on it!

This weekend Jeff and Gail are coming down from Johannesburg and we will have a family get-together at Patty's on Sunday.  Gumpie is away in Costa Rica with his table tennis team so he will miss this family lunch.  He gets back on Tuesday.