Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wedding Day

Hello Little Em,
Saturday was a very special day - Mark and Tammy got married and you were a 'flower baby'. The weather was perfect, the venue was lovely, Rev Cliv Jacobson was the ideal parson as he's known Mark for years (through being on the Council of the Open Air School and also your Great-Granny May's pastor).
The Gazebo and looked charming, your mother looked stunning and your father very dashing. Everyone was happy, smiling and some, a little tearful.
I'm going to post a longer account of the wedding here later but for now I thought I'd add a few photos.
I'm going away on a long walk (that's what I do from time to time) and won't be back for 5 weeks. Will tell you all about that too when I get back.
I am babysitting you for three days Em and it has been lovely caring for you, laughing with you, feeding you and caring for you. I think we are going to be really good friends!
I love you Em,