Saturday, September 28, 2013

Your first doggie

Oooh ... what an exciting day for you yesterday little Em! 
Tammy went to Hillcrest this afternoon to fetch Muffin who is now your doggie!
When Mommy brought her to our house, she bathed her in the kitchen sink and then you dried her with a hairdryer and then brushed her with her new doggie brush.
Mom and Gail took her to the vet to buy a new harness and while they were there, she had her nails clipped, a micro-chip inserted and she was dewormed.
When Patty died a very nice family took Muffy and they were very good to her.  But now they are going to work in Dubai for a year and asked if we could take Muffy back. 
Your Mom and Dad decided that it was time you had a pet so that have adopted Muffy.
 Mom said that Muffin slept on her bed last night.  She has chosen her favourite place which is on the back of the couch - just like she used to perch in Patty's home.

You were a little bit nervous of her at first but Dad says that you are getting to like her and know her. 
Muffin is 8 years old.  She is a Yorkshire Terrier.  When she was a few months old she jumped off the bed and broke her leg!  She had to have a little cast on it for a few weeks. 
She used to have a sister, Puddles, who was smaller than her and was two years older but they were very good friends.
Patty loved both doggies and we often took them to beachfront where they would ride on Patty's lap.  Puddles died of a brain tumour about 4 years ago.
 I'm sure you and Muffy are going to be good friends!  And, we know that Patty would be SO happy that Muffy is back in the family with you and Mark and Tammy!