Saturday, September 26, 2009

11 Months old!!

Hello little Em
Time is flying by. You are 11 months old now and wiegh about 11kg. You have got 4 teeth - three at the bottom and one at the top - that have come right through - and two more coming through. You are rolling all over the floor and move backwards at a fair pace - but you haven't quite worked out how to move forwards yet! You sit and play but Mom and Dad don't allow you to sit alone in case you decide to fall forward and try to crawl. You are going to an OT (Occupational Therapist) in Pinetown who treats little Abby as well and she is teaching you how to roll over sideways so that you get into a crawling position. At your first session with the OT she let you go sideways with weight on your hand and something clicked. You screamed, Mark, Tammy and the OT thought you'd cracked a bone in your arm. Mark said that he nearly puked, he got such a fright! You didn't break anything though, it was just your lax joints which can click out of place. It happened once before when you were here with your Mom and your foot clicked. Its a loud sound and is quite scary.
You are going to RuthMarie-Smith's school of swimming and Mark takes you in the pool there. Your swimming teacher's name is Jackie and she is teraching you to put your face in the water. Swimming will be really good for your muscle tone and good, strong muscles help to protect bones.
Yesterday you met a very old friend of ours, Prof Bill Winship. He is a geneticist Paediatrician, cardiac surgeon - a brilliant man and a lovely, lovely person. Bill told Mark and Tam that you have Type 1 OI which is the mildest form. I think they were relieved to finally have a diagnosis.
Now everyone has to put on their thinking caps on how to best get you weight bearing, moving about and progressing in the safest possible way. We all want you to learn to walk Em but we can't bear the thought of you have another break. Its like being on a tight-rope.
It is your birthday next month and plans are also being made for your first birthday party.
I love you little girl.
Kiss, kiss,