Sunday, May 30, 2010


Oh dear, Em, just when we thought you were doing so well, you fractured the right tibia. It was almost mid shaft and the fracture stopped where the Pamidronate lines are.  Its interesting to see the white lines on the x-rays, like the growth rings on a tree. (This is not a picture of your bones but it does show the Pamidronate lines).
Dr Stead has put a half cast on - a back slab - which should only be on for about 4 weeks.  The cast is held on with a crepe bandage and Mom bought a whole lot of different colour self-stick bandages to put on top.
Patty gave Mom money to buy you a little scooter and you loved being pushed around the garden path.  You can see your yellow bandage on this photograph.
After a few days you started leopard crawling around the house, dragging your casted leg behind you!  And then, after just a week, you started trying to stand.
Last Thursday - 2 1/2 weeks after the fracture - you went for a check up and an exray and it showed that the callus was well formed and the fracture healing well.  Dr Stead recommended keeping the cast on for at least another week although Mom is allowed to take it off at night so than you can have proper bath.
You are such a brave little soul, Em.  You don't complain and you just keep going!
Big hugs my darling girl.

7, 8, 9 MAY - Pamidronate Treatment

Hello Litle Em,
You had your Pam treatment again this weekend.  It is going much better now that you are allowed out between treatments. 
You were in a different ward this time, sharing with a little boy - 18 months old - who was in for chemo as he has cancer of the kidney.  It is really sad to see some of the children in Parklands and we are so grateful that you are not sick, don't have a disease or a life threatening disorder.
When Mom brought you round to the house, I tied a bandage on your dolly so that you both had a bandage on your head.