Friday, June 8, 2012

Three years and a half years old

Hello my darling Em,

I can't believe how much you have learned in just 3 and a half years!  From a tiny, helpless, pracitcally blind, toothless, uncordinated little scrap of life, you have become a thinking, talking, walking, curious, imaginative, bright young lady.  Besides knowing all the domestic animals you also recognize nearly all the African wild animals. 
Last month you went back to the Cheetah Rehab centre in Hluhluwe.  I told you that the Cheetah were going to be so happy to see you again and that they would say, "Hello Emily, thank you for coming back to see us."  You looked at me a bit strangely and said, "Granny.  Cheetahs can't talk, you know." 
Out of the mouths of babes!
A couple of weeks ago your step-granny visited you from the Dominican Republic. She is married to your Grand-father (Tammy's father). We all went to uShaka for dinner and to listen to Richard (your father's cousin from Johannesburg) and his school musicians playing the Marumba band, an orchestra and a choir. Young ladies at Moyo, a west African type restaurant, paint the faces of diners - usually little children - with white patterns and flowers. You were very proud of the flower painting on your face and showed everybody you saw
.  On the way out of the reaturant I asked the young lady if she would paint my face too - which she did.  When I walked outside, Tammy said to you, "OOh, Em - look at Granny's face!"  I bent down to show you my cheek and the look on your face was one of disbelief!  You looked at me and said, in an almost exasperated voice, "Granny!"  (You think I am eccentric enough as it is but you didn't exepct me to get a flower motif painted on my face!)
You have had an eye infection for some time and are now on a topical medicine for a moth to clear it up.  You've also had a cough and cold.  Whenever you get a cold, Mom gets one too. 
I hope you'll be better soon my darling.  I LOVE you!!