Monday, October 21, 2013


WOW!!!  I can't believe that you are FIVE!  I have been writing to you for nearly 6 years.  What a special five years they have been.  You have brought us so much joy little Em.  A ray of sunshine in our lives.  You had a birthday cup-cake at school and then a birthday dinner on your birthday at home and then your real birthday party a week later.


Your Princess Sophia birthday party at the Flying Donkey in
Mt Edgecombe for all your friends. 

You looked gorgeous in Princess Sophia dress and Mom made you a Princess Sophia cake.



It was raining but that didn't stop you and for friends from going on the pony rides!

You with Courtney

Monday, October 14, 2013


October was a big month for you.  You got your first glasses.  Lovely pink and lavender frames.  We all thought it might take you time to get used to them but you have worn them with no problems at all!  Here you are with your optician in Durban North.

On 11 October we flew to Johannesburg for Gail's 50th Birthday - Finn and me, Greg and Sharon and you, Tam and Mark.  We all stayed at Jeff and Gail's house. 

The birthday party was at the Johannesburg Country Club.  You looked like a princess in your long, Burgundy dress and silver slippers - and, you danced all night to Ballyhoo even when there was no-one else on the dance floor!

Cara (Richard's girlfriend) and Revonica (an old friend of Gail's from her college days).

You and Mark and Tammy stayed on for the weekend.  You went to the river and spent time with the Leaver boys in the pool, on the barge, and on the tube. 

When you got back to Durban we had a birthday party for Little John who had turned 80 while he was overseas.  You helped him blow out his candles.  Its wonderful that you and John are such friends - with 75 years difference in ages!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hello Em,
Didn't we have a wonderful family weekend at the Midlands Saddle and Trout! 
It was so great to have everyone together at this lovely place where Dennis and Rita have Timeshare.

The view from out cottage

You and Mark and Tammy shared a cottage with Gumpie and me
and Greg and Sharon shared a cottage with Rita and Dennis.
Our cottages were up on the hill.
Your room had an en suite with a jet-whirlpool bath.
You had such a busy weekend , swinging in the playground,  playing giant chess, 
Playing pick-up sticks with other children, 
going on a pony ride 
 sitting on the tractor
 swimming with Daddy

riding on the tractor-trailer with Mommy
playing Putt-putt with Mommy
Molly painted your nails in the Beauty Spa
 riding on the Barnie Car while the guys played table tennis

Making friends with the dogs 
 and with the horses and donkeys
 a giant bonfire for the night
This was a wonderful time away for all of us and I loved spending fun time with you.