Friday, December 31, 2010


New Year's Eve 2010: 
This has been an eventful year for you Em. 
  • You started crawling in January and by July you started walking - in spite of a fracture to your right tibia in May. 
  • You also started signing at the start of the year and once you got the hang of it you learned a new sign nearly every week!  Please, thank you, cheese, ice-cream, apple, drink, dog, cat etc etc etc.
  • You have been for regular Pamidronate treatments every two months but from next year it will be every three months. I think the treatment is really helping and although its a bit traumatic for you and your parents, it is wonderful that there is something to help make your bones stronger.
  • In April you started going to the Shongololo Day School with your Mom and you loved it right from the start. 
  • Unfortunately you had your 3rd fracture in May but it wasn't long before you were back at school and then you started standing, and walking, and my hair started turning white!
  • You had a tibia fracture in September (number four) and you celebrated your 2nd birthday with a cast on your leg.  It didn't hold you back for long because as soon as the cast came off you wanted to stand and walk again.
  • In December you went to your first Christmas Tree Party at Dad's work and, at Rita and Dennis' 40th Anniversary party you fell in love with a little boy called Connor.  This was where you had your first kiss! 
  • Last week Mom and Dad took you to a game farm near Umfolozi where you got to touch a Cheetah!  That was very special for such a little girl!
This is the last day of the old year and we will be celebrating together at our home.  Em, I am wishing you a wonderful year full of new things to learn, full of happy days, wonderful adventures, lots of loves and kisses, special friends, caring family.  Most of all, I am wishing you a break-free year.  How wonderful would that be!
Big hugs my precious,

Saturday, December 25, 2010


What a Christmas season you've had Em!
Dad's friend Kevin and his girlfriend Jacqui were supposed to arrive in South Africa last week but there has been a big freeze in Europe with major airports closed and their flight cancelled.  So, earlier in the week Mom and Dad took you to the Emdodeni Lodge and Cat Rehab Centre in Zululand, close to Umfolozi-Hluhluwe Game Reserve.

Their aim is to care for wild Cheetahs, Cerval Cats, African Wildcats and Caracal (Lynx), which have been orphaned or injured in the wild and are in need of care and rehabilitation.  Some of the cheetahs have been reared at the centre from young and visitors get to interact with them.  You were able to touch a grown cheetah!  You were afraid at first but eventually you plucked up courage and touched one when it lay down.  On the way home you travelled through the Umfolozi Game Reserve and saw nearly all the animals there excepting for the cats.
On Christmas Eve we all went to Patty's. You were in your element with so many family and friends there. Ouma Laura was there with Johan, Steven and his lovely girlfriend Sarah, Greg and Sharon and her parents Rita a Dennis, Jeff and Gail with Craig (Richard and Brian went to Kenton for Christmas). And then on Christmas day you came to our house. There were stacks of presents under the tree and you were very good about not touching anyone else's presents. You loved the lawnmower and couldn't wait to show Gumpy your rake and spade. And then you modelled the little sparkly outfit you got that matches the dress of the Barbie 'Look-alike' dolly.

There were also lots of other people for you to play with and you loved Michelle and Monique who came in the afternoon - especially Michelle who played kitchen games with you on your new juicer, toaster and coffee maker. Such fun!
By the time evening came you were exhausted and Mom said that you were still fast asleep at 7am.
It is wonderful - and a little scary - to see you walking around everywhere Em.  Your right foot turns out a bit (that is the leg that has fractured 3 times) but otherwise your gait is okay. 
I still try to hold your hand or cling to the back of your shirt or dress but often you just take off and the next minute someone is tearing after you to ensure that you don't walk down stairs or fall over some object.
You are such a friendly little girl Em and you love company.  You hug and kiss and pat people on the back and you are also very polite, always saying, "Tant-you" and "yes please" and "scuse me" and "there you go".
There is an old song I sing to you called "I love you so much it Hurts".  When I sing it you join in with a few words like , '...hurts me ... darling .... blue ...  night ......soho"

"I love you so much .... it hurts me
Darlin' that's why I'm so blue
I'm so afraid to go to bed at night
Afraid of loooooooosing you

I love you so much...... it hurts me
And there's nothing I can do
I want to hold you my dear
Forever and ever
I love you so much .... it hurts me ....soho ...

I do love you, SO much my Em darling!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


On Sunday we were all invited to Dennis and Rita's 40th wedding anniversary lunch in Kloof.  Dennis's sister Dawn, and her son and daughter-in-law were there with their little boy, Connor.  They had told him that you would be there and that you were a special little girl and that he must be very gentle with you because if you fell you could break your bones.
Connor was smitten by you!  He held your hand and walked you around the garden (with an adult hanging onto the back of your shirt, of course!)  He shared all his toys with you and was quite happy to oblige with a hug and a kiss when asked to do so.  It was very sweet!

You didn't object!  You played 'hide and seek' with him and played with all his 'boys toys' - cars, trucks, Buzz from Toy Story.
Sharon sent us this email from Connor's mother:
Last night we were chatting before going to sleep with Connor. We were just telling him again how proud we were about how nicely he played with Emily over the weekend. He then said “you know what mom and dad I like Emily toooooooooooo much. I like her from this wall to this wall (stretching his arms out showing how much he loves her). I can break the wall down and stretch my arm to the other wall and then I will love her even more.”
Seugnet Grobler

Monday, December 6, 2010


You are two years and one month and this Christmas is going to be very special.  You understand about presents and parties.  On Saturday your Mom and Dad invited me to the children's Christmas Tree party at Derivco (where Dad works).  I was a bit worried about you being afraid of Santa because when I took you into Checkers at the Pavilion about a month ago you screamed hysterically when you saw a mechanical Santa playing music and saying 'Merry Christmas... ho. ho, ho!"  I had to rush you away from him and calm you down.  When I went back to the shop I saw that the Santa had been moved!  Maybe you weren't the only child terrified by the large man in a red suit waving his arms about ringing a bell and shouting out Christmas ho, ho, ho!?

At the Christmas Tree party Santa arrived in a little train engine.  You didn't mind the fairies but you weren't too keen to get close to him.  Inside, there were displays of food - snacks, sandwiches, mince tarts, eclairs, cup cakes, sweeties and, there was a chocolate fountain on a low table with marshmallows and biscuits for the children to dip into the chocolate.  You were delighted - and what child wouldn't be!  When your name was called Tammy carried you to Santa to get your pressie you said, "No present - chocolate!"  You weren't in the slightest interested in the gift - only in the chocolate fountain!
Mom had bought you a bubble-gun - which didn't work and we couldn't get the batteries out.  Isn't it amazing how often battery operated toys don't work.  I was horrified at how many parents had bought their little children - some only 2 years old, guns for Christmas.  There was a little tot - probably not older than 18 months - walking around with a machine gun! 
Your vocabulary is amazing!  There isn't a word you can't say and you copy everything you hear.  'Scissors, possum, birthday, Father Christmas, shivering, splashing' - you say them all.  The only thing you can't say is anything beginning with a 'G' or a 'K'.  You say those words with a 'T'.  So, when it is cold you say, 'It's tolt.'  And for 'look' you say 'loot'.  "Loot, me warting" and when you want Gumpy you say, "Where Dumpy darn?"  Its very sweet, Em.  You are a lovely little girl with impeccable manners.  You always say, 'Tant-you Danny'.  I am Granny but for now I'm Danny - but I don't mind!
Big kiss my darling girl.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello my beautiful child,
You had your last Pamidronate treatment this past weekend.  From now on you only have to go in every three months so the next one will be in February.
Mom managed to persuade the Medical Aid that treatment at Parklands was cheaper and easier for all concerned to you went into Parklands on Friday.  When Mom and Dad brought you here afterwards I met you at the door.  You had a bandage and a pretty pink, floral bandana on your head.  "What's this?" I asked, touching the bandana.  "My hat, Ganny" you, replied.  Looking at me as though I was a bit dim!  How could I not know that it was your hat?
On Saturday I releived Mom and Dad at the hospital for a while so that they could get a cup of coffee in the hospital cafetaria.  You sat on my lap and we read books, played 'hammer the ball into a box' game and watched Micky Mouse and friends on the portable DVD player. 
Mom and Dad came to us after your treament and you were soon walking along, pushing yout plastic trolley all over the house.  Every time we passed through the kitchen you added an tem to the trolley basket from my vegetable rack - potato, butternut, onions - all went into the trolley.

Your favourite person is Dodo, especially when she carries you on her back

This is your big pram.  You can sit in it with your legs outstretched and you were able to sleep in it for many months.  You also have an orange pram that we use to take you to the shops or for walks

I made supper and then gave you a bath before Mom took you home.
On Sunday Gumpy and I went to the hospital to releive Mom and Dad who had a tea/coffee treat in the cafetaria.  You were getting tired and once the Pamidronate was finiahed and the line had been flushed, Mom and Dad took you home.
You are a very polite little girl, Em.  You say thank you for everything - you even thanked Dr Roos when he stuck the needle in your head to insert the port.  Mom says Dr Roos was taken aback when you said, "Thank you doctor.  No more hurt." 
On Monday night when I babysat so that Mom and Dad could go to an early movie, I burnt myself on the steam when I pulled back the plasti from your microwave dinner.  "Sowwy , Ganny" you said, "Sowwy, mwhaaa.." Making a kissing sound in my direction.  You are an angel child.
Yesterday Mom brought you around for a visit and told us that you had gone over on your right foot and said that it hurt.  You were like a little injured animal, trying to stand on one leg and not putting the hurt foot on the ground.  I hope its just a slight sprain my darling.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


You just LOVE it when we sing Happy Birthday to you!  We started singing it to you about three weeks before your birthday and you started to join in - pursing your lips, "...tooo-yooooouuu.  Happy buffda toooooo... yoou!"  And, as soon as we get to the HIP HIP HOORAY you throw your arms up in the air and shout HOORAYY!!!! 
Every day, for a couple of weeks, we spoke about your 'Par-tee!' 
"What are you going to have for your party Em?  Balloons! YAY!  Fweeties, chips, joos - YAY! bistits, tate, ice teem, YAY!"
Your birthday party was lovely.  It rained on Saturday (the day of your birthday) but was bright and sunny on Sunday when we had the party.  Mom chose a barn-yard party theme so the paper cups, serviettes and cake decorations on your number two cake she baked were farm animals.  She bought you a gorgeous new outfit - denim dungarees and a checked blouse.  There were coloured helium balloons with long coloured ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Patty bought you a large plastic table and four bright chairs and these were in the middle of the lounge with colouring in books, crayons and toys on the table. 
In the morning Mark brought you here so that he could make sandwiches while Mom finished off her beautiful cup cakes at home.  Patty brought mini-hot dogs and a savoury platter, Rita brought strawberries and cream.  Mom made each child a party packet with goodies inside. 
At 1:30pm your first guests arrived - with a little girl who is just a few months older than you.  You were very excited. And then Angela and Clint arrived with Karla, and Lauren came with Kayla and then your Day Care lady came with her two children (Torben and Enya) and then more babies and children arrived - and about 40 adults!!  What a party! You were a perfect little princess birthday girl! Happy, excited, affectionate, cute.  Just lovely!

On Monday when Mom brought you to visit us you were very excited.  As soon as you saw me you said, "Part-eee Ganny, part-ee!"  You were so disappointed to see that the lounge was back to its boring self - no balloons on the ceiling, no children, no decorations.  I've decided that next year, if you have your party here, I'm going to keep the balloons, the table with toys a goodie bag and the birthday decorations for one more day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hello my noo-noo,
I am so sorry that you have had another fracture baby. On Tuesday night you slipped in the kitchen at about 6:45pm and sustained a hairline fracture on your right tibia.  We didn't know about it until your Dad phoned us at 9:15pm to say that you were in a cast again. 
They had taken you to Entabeni, had the x-rays and you were home already.  It took me back to the days when I did that with Mark. I didn't tell anyone when he broke until after he had been treated and brought home.  It was so much easier and less traumatic to do it that way.  Tammy put the old gutter splint from your last fracture onto your leg and Dr Stead agreed that it would be fine not to apply a new cast. 
Patty and I popped in to see you on Wednesday night and you were quite subdued.  When I asked you what that was on your leg you said, "Emmy boom. Ouch!" 
By Thursday when you visited me wearing a gorgeous polka dot dress and matching cerise pink cast bandage, you wanted to 'wart' (walk) and to go down!  Poor Tammy - she was exhausted.
When Gumpy took you to say hello you noticed mercurochrome all around his thumb nail. "Ow - Gumpy - sowwy" you said and kissed his thumb. It brought tears to his eyes.  You are a really sweet child Em and we love you very much.
You always ask for a biscuit when you come to visit - by signing for one and saying the word at the same time - but you never actually eat a whole biscuit.  You like to chew the cream off a lemon cream with your teeth or lick all the chocolate off the digestive biscuits.  Then Mom gets the left-over bits! 
You also love to help Gumpy sweep outside.  You have your own little broom but, of course, you mess up all the leaves that Gumpy has swept into a pile!
You copy almost every word spoken, especially from Ceebee-bees on the television.  Today the guy was making a paper dragon. 
"Dragon." you copied. "Eyes.  Tail.  Paper.  Blue.  Purple."  You sit and watch and repeat the words - its amazing.
When you left today I put you into your car seat and said, 'Bye, bye my noo-noo."  You looked at me and said, "Bye, bye noo-noo" back!
Big hug little noo-noo.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your first visit to a Game Reserve

Hello Em,
Last weekend we all went to the Umfolozi Game Reserve.  Gumpi and me, you and your Mom and Dad, Greg and Sharon and Sharon's parents Rita and Dennis.  Its the first time we have all been away together and it was great fun! 
The Umfolozi Game reserve is the oldest game park Africa and it used to be the favourite hunting ground of the Zulu kings, especially Shaka.  The Hluhluwe/Umfolozi park was established in 1895, mainly to protect the rhinoceros which had become endangered.
280km is a long way for a little one like you to sit still in a car so Mom and Dad left very early, straight after you woke up. They attached the portable dvd player to the back of the driver's seat and you were able to watch Barney - your favourite dvd - on the road.
We left at about 6h30 and finally caught up to you at the Petro-port where you had stopped for a nappy change and something to eat.  We drove north to the Memorial Gate at the Hluhluwe entrance and drove slowly south towards the Hilltop Camp.  We saw Giraffe and impala, a few warthogs and an inyala and Gumpi and I saw three elephants on a distant hill. 
We stopped at Hilltop for a toilet break and had a little picnic in the car park, you sitting on a beach mat to have your juice and a muffin.  Although it was cool when we left Durban in the morning, it was getting really hot in the reserve - ending up at 31.5oC in the afternoon.
 As we left Hilltop we passed this cairn of stones - the Isivivana - which is a pile of stones created on the side of a path by African travellers in order to bring good luck on a long journey.  People passing would pick up a stone, spit on it and add it to the pile.  They believed that by doing this, the spirits or "AmaDlozi'  would protect them for the rest of their journey.  It seems that there are some things in life that are universal - practised by all people no matter whoch continent they live on or what their culture is.  I have seen similar cairns in England and Spain, some a few metres high.  This one is about 1.5m high and has been since the park was created.

Soon after leaving Hilltop, you started to get really tired so Mom and Dad went on ahead to reach Mpila Camp at Umfolozi and get you down for your nap.  We carried on more slowly, stopping every now and then when we spotted game. 
We stayed in the new thatched, A frame huts in the camp. You and your Mom and Dad in No.1, we were in No.4 and Greg and Sharon in number 6. Rita and Dennis in No.9. After lunch, the others went off game spotting again and you, Mom and I explored the camp, the curio shop and playground. As we were walking back to our huts, about a dozen Zebra came walking through the camp, right past our hut.

You and Mom stayed back until they had passed through.  That night we had a braai outside your hut - you didn't want to go to sleep and Mom stayed with you for nearly an hour until you fell asleep. We ate dinner at our hut (so that we wouldn't wake you up) and while we were eating, the hyenas came scavenging around the fire. While they were still there, a family of bush pigs came snuffling around the hut. Sharon threw a piece of potato and sausage at them and the largest one of the pack climbed the three steps and pushed his snout through the slats of the gate! Dennis got such a fright! Sharon bent down to take a photograph and I took a photo of her taking the photograph of the pig. In this picture you can see the pigs face on Sharon's camera screen!

The next morning we left early, at about 6am, before breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning and after a while, your Mom let you sit on her lap.  You loved looking out of the window and when we stopped for giraffe crossing the road you looked up at it and said, "Oh, wow!"  When you saw a herd of impala on the side of the road you shouted at them, "Hello wow-wow!"  We went all the way to Sontuli loop but there wasn't much game about.  It was very dry, the grass almost grey-blond, lots of dry parched trees and those with leaves were heavy with dust and sand.  They need rain desperately up there.  On the way back to the camp I took this photo of you 'driving' Mark's car!  You looked so pleased with yourself even though the car wasn't moving!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello my darling Em.
You are now 22 months old, have a vocabulary of about 50 words, understand at least another 100 words, can still sign at least 20 words.  And sometimes you sound just like your Mom!  When you see something wonderful you say, "Oh WOW!"  (Just as she does).  When we say thank you to you, you say, "No problem" and when something disappoints you, you say, "Oh no!"
And, you have become a Mommy's girl.  You don't like to let her out of your sight and if I play with you, you take your Mom's hand and say "Come mommy, come."  You wave your little fingers as though calling a dog!
On Saturday I babysat while your Dad drove your Mom to the airport. (She was going away for her friend's hen party).  You woke up while he was gone and when I went into your room you were rubbing your eyes and calling, 'mummy-daddy, momma-dadda!'  As soon as you saw me your face dropped and you said, "Oh no!"  I couldn't help laughing and you looked quite confused! 
You now walk all over the place.  On Saturday we came back here to our house to have a braai before the men - Gumpy, Greg and Mark - watched rugby.  I spent nearly all afternoon walking bent over, holding onto the back of your shirt as you toddled up and down the garden path, around the corner to the granny-flat, onto the drive-way to where the cars were parked.  Once the guys went inside to watch rugby I put you in your pram and took you for a walk around the block. 
I went home with you and Mark to your house and you fell asleep in the car on the way home.  You are an angel baby Em - a real little angel.
On Sunday morning I made Mark go through to your room when you woke at 5h30 so that you wouldn't be disappointed again seeing me instead of Mummy or Daddy!  Once you were awake you were happy to be with me but you still asked for Mummy.  We went to the airport to fetch her at 7am and I don't know who was more happy to see the other!
This weekend you'll be going into Entabeni to have your pamidronate treatment again.  The months seem to fly and it seems like last week that you were in hospital.  Mark and I were talking about his breaks and the lack of treatment when he was a baby - how things could have been different for him (and us) if there had been pamidronate 30 years ago.  Maybe he wouldn't have had over 130 fractures and a dozen surgeries.  I'm so grateful that you don't have to go through all that my darling.  I'm also grateful that your OI is not one of the severe types.  I've just finished reading a book called "Fragile, Handle With Care" about a little girl with OI Type 111 and kept thinking how lucky we are that your Dad, and you, are not a severely affected.

My friend May Miller is going to be walking the Camino pilgrimage in Spain and has decided to walk for you.  What this means is that she will pray for you as she walks and will carry a photograph of you and your Mom and Dad.  People are really kind and we are grateful for their support.
You had a temperature today so your Mom didn't take you to play school.  I miss you when we don't see you in the afternoon - even if its just for a short visit.
I love you Em,

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Real little Toddler!!

Hello Em my darling. 
I am baby-sitting this morning while Mom helps out for a couple of hours at Derivco.  Because I'm still nervous of you walking, I plonked you in the pram and took you for a nice long walk after Mom left. 
We usually go eastward up Anthony drive all the way to High Ridge (about 2km) looking at birds, flowers, dogs, cats, other walkers, aeroplanes etc along the way. There is one verge along the way that has a long hedge made up of different coloured bougnvillas. You know the word Bouganvilla and I always show you the flowers on our plant at home. Here are some of the colours we see.
When we walk along Anthony, we look out for the bouganvilla and I pick a few flowers of each colour for you to Oooh-and-aaah over.

You also like the Hibiscus hedge at the corner of High Ridge and Anthony becuase the branches with flowers on are low enough for you to reach. It is so sweet when you take on and hold it to your nose to smell!

This morning we saw two light aircraft and a helicopter as wll as hadeda ibis, kingfisher, Indian myna, weaver birds and a couple of woolly neck stork swooping just above our heads. The Umgeni river isn't far from your house and there are all sorts of birds that live near the river including fish eagles and pelicans. The yellow billed kites are back too - always a sign that spring is here. They are migrants from Central Africa and always return to South Africa around the beginning of August. I saw the first one on my birthday - 6th August!
We don't often see the Kingfishers but with the river being so close, there are more about here that in most suburban gardens.
The Fish Eagle is thought to be the bird that best represents Africa but the Hadeda is the one that makes me think of home! They are noisy, comical, almost chicken-like the way they scratch about in the garden and everyone knows their raucous call ' Ahhh.. ahhh". And, they don't disappear as soon as winter comes - they stay the course throughout the year.


When we got back to the house you looked quite sleepy so I changed your nappy and sat you in the other pram in front of Barney for a while.  Then we went in search of your Lambert (a little white lamb) and I put you down in your cot.  You didn't complain and you have been asleep for about 1.5 hours. 
The other day I bought you a soft toilet seat that fits onto the regular toilet seat.  You will be 22 months old next week and it is nearly time to start potty training.  Mom bought you a little plastic potty and sometimes you play on it but most times you put your Teddy on it!

This weekend Jeff and Gail are coming down from Johannesburg and we will have a family get-together at Patty's on Sunday.  Gumpie is away in Costa Rica with his table tennis team so he will miss this family lunch.  He gets back on Tuesday.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hello my noo-noo! 

Mark has taken a couple of weeks leave and said that he has had a 'baptism of fire' with you walking everywhere.  You have started letting go and taking off - sometimes lurching, sometimes stumbling.  Its really scary!  I don't allow you to walk alone when I'm around so I hold onto the back of your shirt and onto one hand and walk behind you, doubled over, all over the house!  Sometimes you take us by surprise.  You'll be standing next to a table or chair and the next minute you've let go - it freaks me out!  We all said that it doesn't matter if you only learn to walk when you are two but now that you are 21 months old and are starting to take steps, we are all holding our breath!! 
I really, really hope that you do learn to walk without any falls, accidents or fractures but every time you fall we nearly die - like today in the lounge you tumbled side-ways onto your hip and poor Mark went white!  I think you are going to show us all just how much you can do and we will all be here to help you.  I love you noo-noo.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday 8th July 2010

Whoo-wheee!!!!  Mom sent a message to say you had taken your first steps!! 

You stood up, in the middle of the lounge and took four steps unaided!  If I had been there, I would probably have rushed forward and grabbed you as you took the first step!  We are baby sitting tomorrow night and but I don't think you'll be doing much walking on my shift!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

While I was gone

I went away for two weeks Em.  I accompanied Patty on her dream trip to Russia.  Patty has wanted to go to Russia for a long time but her health has deteriorated so much that she thought she would never get there.  So, on 22nd June we left for St Petersburg for a river cruise on the Neva, Svir, Volga and Moscow canal system to Moscow.  It was wonderful but I missed you while we were away.  Last weekend you had to go into Parklands for your PAM treatment.  Mom said that Dr\Roos was away so Dr Jonathan Egner did your treatment.  I've known Jonathan for a long time - since the early days of SAIDA.  Did I ever tell you about SAIDA?  It stands for South African Inherited Disorders Association and in the '70a and 80's it was really a big, busy, active organisation with about 16 affiliated genetic disorder self-help groups.  Jonathan was involved with the CF (Cystic Fibrosis) group - I think he still is but his prime interest is paediatrics and that is how you had him to help you while Dr. Roos was away.
Mom said that you visited Gumpy nearly every day while I was gone.  I know that he loves having you visit and it was nice to have you and Tam there while I was gone.  You caught a cold, with a sore throat, while you were in hospital and you haven't been too well the last few days.  Get better soon my Em.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Cast if OFF

On Monday Mom took the cast off - just three and a bit weeks this time.  You are giving me the heeby-jeebies crawling around and trying to stand again!  Yesterday I baby-sat while Mom had an appointment.  That is actually a bit of a misnomer, because when I 'baby-sit' I never actually sit! I push you in your pram - usually along Anthony Road all the way to High Ridge (about 45 minutes) and back, past your home to Wedgewood Crescent.  Yesterday we walked around Wedgewood and stopped to look at a lovely grey cat sunning itself behind a fence.  I called the cat and it came over.  You looked over the side of your pram and said, "Heyyo woo-woo!"  I told you that it was a Kitty and twirled my fingers next to my cheeks - the sign for kitty.  I picked the cat up to let you stroke it.  You are afraid of animals and pulled away but you touched it and pulled your hand away.  It stretched, rolled on its back and started cleaning and preening.  You were fascinated and wanted to touch it again.  Its a lovely cat and we'll visit it again soon.
I hope you overcome your fear of animals.  You were frightened of a little battery operated raccoon that Gail gave you for Christmas and its taken all this while for you to touch it and hold it to your face.  I can understand your fear of Carling because he is a big, black dog who barks loudly whenever you come here.  You seem to be getting used to Patty's little Yorkie, Muffy. 
Maybe one day you'll want your own kitty or puppy.
Love you Em,

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Oh dear, Em, just when we thought you were doing so well, you fractured the right tibia. It was almost mid shaft and the fracture stopped where the Pamidronate lines are.  Its interesting to see the white lines on the x-rays, like the growth rings on a tree. (This is not a picture of your bones but it does show the Pamidronate lines).
Dr Stead has put a half cast on - a back slab - which should only be on for about 4 weeks.  The cast is held on with a crepe bandage and Mom bought a whole lot of different colour self-stick bandages to put on top.
Patty gave Mom money to buy you a little scooter and you loved being pushed around the garden path.  You can see your yellow bandage on this photograph.
After a few days you started leopard crawling around the house, dragging your casted leg behind you!  And then, after just a week, you started trying to stand.
Last Thursday - 2 1/2 weeks after the fracture - you went for a check up and an exray and it showed that the callus was well formed and the fracture healing well.  Dr Stead recommended keeping the cast on for at least another week although Mom is allowed to take it off at night so than you can have proper bath.
You are such a brave little soul, Em.  You don't complain and you just keep going!
Big hugs my darling girl.