Saturday, March 19, 2011

You did'nt break a thing!

Hello my darling Em.
You survived your first BIG fall with no fractures - what a miracle - just a very swollen face!
You went to a birthday party with Mom and Dad on Saturday morning.  You were sitting on Dad's lap and as he tried to negotiate his wheelchair onto a concrete path his front wheels caught on the concrete and the whole chair tipped forward.  You flipped off his lap,  face first onto the concrete and Mark had to put his right leg down to stop himself from falling on top of you. 
There was a lot of blood from your mouth and Mark and Tammy took you to Westville hospital. The doctor said that you had bitten your tongue and that it would heal in a few days. They had to put a wad of gauze in your mouth to absorb the bleeding. When you got to our place you looked like a very hurt, miserable little girl with a split lip, a fat face and a bloody gauze in your mouth. Mark was still shaken, white in the face.  I didn't know who to comfort first - you, your Mom or my son.  Its was easy when I only had one to worry about but now, as a granny, mother-in-law and mother, I have three people to care about when an accident like this happens. Within an hour your jaw started swelling. The following day you looked like a blow-fish and the tongue hadn't stopped bleeding so Mom and Dad took you to Entabeni hospital for an X-ray. Luckily Dr Roos happened to be there and he looked at the X-rays but couldn't see any fractures. If your jaw had been fractured he might have had to wire your jaw shut. He put you onto antibiotics.
The bruise came out on the second day and it looked as though you had been punched on the jaw. When you came to visit and I went to take you out of the car you pointed your finger at me and said, "Careful Danny, careful my face."

Its a miracle that you didn't break anything, Em. You could have sustained a skull fracture, a fractured jaw, broken teeth, arms or collar bones.

You actually didn't bite your tongue.  Mom was able to look inside your mouth and saw that it was the part under the tongue that had split. One good thing about this - for you - is that you got to enjoy lots of 'ithe-keem' until the mouth healed!

The swelling started to go down after a few days although you still have a lump on your left side but the bruising has gone yellow and

Butterfly kisses my beautiful darling!
Danny Nilsen. 

PS:  This gorgeous photograph clearly shows your egg-shell blue sclera.