Friday, December 23, 2011

A Sleep Over!!

Yay!!  Last weekend you had a sleepover at our house.  At mid-day you went to your Dad's work Christmas Tree Party.  Then Mom and Dad were going to the Company Christmas dinner in the evening so Mom asked if we could have you for a sleep over.  You haven't slept here over night since you were a little babe so we were happy to say yes!

After Mom and Dad left I gave you a bubble bath and brushed your hair. Your hair has grown quite long and is still very blond.

Then you and Gumpy had chicken and chips for dinner. I cut pieces off Gumpy's large schnitzel and gave you little strips of chicken. You ate it all and enjoyed the chips with tomato sauce.

We watched Ceebeebies and at about 8pm I took you to bed. Your bed was the fold out sleeper couch in our room. You chatted away for nearly an hour before you went to sleep. You talk in your sleep! I also heard you shout once and thought you were awake.

You woke up at 5am and I lay down next to you on the sleeper hoping you would go back to sleep. But the Hadedas were calling and you told me it was day time. I took you through to the TV room so that we wouldn't wake Gumpie. You had Milo and Yogurt but you didn't want toast or cereal.

We played with the toys and then I took you for a walk around the block in your pram.  When we got back Mom and Dad arrived to fetch you.

When I thanked you for coming to sleep-over I said, "I am going to miss you Emily, I wish you could sleep over again". 
You said, "No my granny, I can't sleep at your house very day".   We'll, I was very happy to have you for even one day.