Thursday, March 25, 2010

17 months old and such a cutie!

Hello darling Em,
Two weeks ago you went in to Parklands for your Pamidronate treatment - but this time it was different. Dr Roos agreed that you could go in as a day patient. The hospital made a bit of a mess with your first appointment though. When Mom and Dad took you at 8am they were told to come back at lunch time as there were no beds available for you. So they went back at 1pm but then Dr Roos was consulting and couldn't get there until after 5pm. The tube and drip only went in at around 5:30pm so you had a long first day, only getting home after 9pm. Mom says that you screamed when Dr Roos put the needle in and then started signing and saying, "No more! No more!" Poor Dr Roos was quite upset!

The next two days went much better and Mark and Tam brought you around here on Saturday so that they could have a little rest. You still had the port in your head and a bandage to keep it in place but it didn't seem to bother you.  On Sunday the treatment went very smoothly and you were in and out with no hassles.
Last weekend I went to Cape Town for the long weekend and didn't see you for 4 days.  I had a photo of you on my camera though and every now and then had a look at you and said, "Hello beautiful Noo-noo".
You are pulling yourself up against everything and have to be watched every second.  The other day I let you stand for a moment next to the bed but normally someone holds you when you stand, in case you fall.
Your new favourite tv show is Barney and Tammy bought a dvd to keep here.  When you come here you point to the tv and say, "Barrrn ... Barrrn!"  You jig and dance when they sing the Barney song.
You still don't have a little friend but you did go to a birthday party and got to play with another little girl which was so nice for you. I think Mark and Tammy will make a decision soon about letting you attend a day care a couple of days a week - with Mom staying with you as well. I'll be babysitting you tomorrow while Mom helps out at Dad's company office. We are becoming good friends and I know that we will get on well!
 I can always make you laugh and when I flap my arms like a chicken and hop towards you, you squeal with delight!  You are a beautiful child and I love you noo-noo!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Your brain is like a mainframe computer!!

Hello my darling Emily,
I am convinced that your brain is like a mainframe computer that absorbs and stores every input.  Yesterday I showed you the sign for please (clockwise rub on the chest area) and today when you came to visit you asked for a banana. 
"Say please" I prompted and you immediately rubbed your chest!  You are just SO bright, so clever, so smart, so amazing!! 
Tammy took you to the clinic the other day and the sister asked if you could say between 6 and 10 words.  Good grief - you had a 20 word vocabulary when you turned one and now, between words and signing, there is hardly anything you can't say:  umbrella, broom, swim, pool, cheese, juice, thank you are some fo the new words, and - you understand everything we say.
You are due for your next pamidronate treatment in a couple of weeks. The months pass so quickly and it seems like last week that you were in hospital. Mark contacted Dr Roos and asked if they could take you home between treatments and he said yes - so that it progress. You won't have to stay in hospital for three days.

You've learned to give hugs and kisses and it is the most wonderful feeling to have you put your arms around my neck and give a hug!
You kiss Gumpy but you don't really like his beard andyou wrinkle your face after giving him a kiss!
We had a lovely family get-together at Patty's on Valentines Day. You had your first 'spare rib' and wow, did you enjoy it! You also had a ball unpacking Patty's plastic cupboard in the kitchen. You crawl all over the place and climb up on everything. Its nerve wracking!!
When you come to me now you just want 'down! down!" so that you can crawl and climb.  You stand up next to chairs and tables and climb on them but you haven't learned to go down backwards yet. 
The other day you managed to open the wardrobe in the guest room and you climbed inside.  What a lovely 'house' it made for you!
You are still not sleeping through the night and wake often. With most babies you can leave them to niggle but Mark and Tam can't do that with you because you try to stand and that could mean a fracture. They are such good parents but they are always tired.
Besides that you are a little 'Joy' my darling and a real softie. The other day Tam and I took you to visit children at a little day care centre around the corner. When one of the babies started crying you burst into real tears as well. You loved seeing the 'babas' though and we are hoping to take you back again next week.
Yesterday you heard a baby crying on the television and wanted to go to to the tv room to see.  When we got there you took one look at the baby and started howling as well!  You have a soft, beautiful heart my darling and I wish we could protect you and prevent any further breaks.  Sleep tight little angel - granny loves you!