Saturday, September 2, 2017


Hello my darling Em,

August was a busy month - it was my 70th birthday on 6th August and I had a High Tea at home which went off exactly as I hoped it would.  Some of our oldest friends were there, like Barbara and Charles Mason.  Gumpy and Charles worked together in 1961 and I first met them 50 years ago.  Charles was our groomsman at our wedding.  He is the tall man on the right with my friend Colleen who was my bridesmaid.  We still keep in touch.
Three people in this photograph have passed away.  Brian was Gumpy's bestman, Patty was my Matron of Honour and her daughter, Caroline, was our flower girl.  They have all passed on.  You have met the other two people - Gumpy's cousins Anthony and Carol who now live in Australia.

Do you recognize our page boy, the little boy next to Gumpy?  Believe it or not that is Uncle Jeff!  My brother was 10 years old (not much older than you are now) when we got married.

Jeff and Gail

Phyllis is in this photo.  We first met Phyll and Phil in 1978 when your Dad was only one year old!

Marion, Linda and Reinette

 The lady on the right is my friend Sandi Beukes - who did the paintings in our entrance hall.

I told everyone that I didn't want any presents.  Enok's church is raising money to have 500 hymn books reprinted and they need lots of money so I asked people to donate money to Enok's new Hymn Book project.  My friends were very generous and between them we gave Enok's church R2000 for hymn books.  Some people still gave me small gifts.  Jeff and Gail gave me a cup and saucer bird feeder and some bird seed.  I told Gail that the monkeys would eat the seed and guess what?  Two days later I hung up the bird feeder in the tree outside the kitchen window and this is what happened!

In August you also had a girlie night out and went with Mom and Carrie to 
watch James and Giant Peach at the Sneddon Theatre.  

Your school had a talent show for parents and grandparents.  You told jokes and you were
ab -so -lut - ely fabulous!!  You were quite nervous in the car, but once you got onto the stage you were like a professional, stand-up comic, telling 4 jokes in 2 minutes!  Everybody laughed!  Everybody cheered and everybody clapped!

What jokes did you tell?
Joke one:  The other day I went to the doctor and I said, "Doctor, doctor, I think I'm becoming invisible."
And do you know what the doctor said?
(Audience, "WHAT?")
"Sorry, I can't see you right now."
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers.
Joke two:  The I went to the doctor again, and I said, "Doctor, doctor, I think I'm a pencil."  And do you know what the doctor said?
(Audience, "WHAT?")
"I see your point!"
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers.
Joke three:  "The other night I was watching Animal Planet.  Do you know where cows go on a Saturday night?
(Audience, "WHERE?")
"They go to the mooooo-vies!"
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers.
"Anyone want another joke?"   YEAH - YES.....!!
"What's brown and sticky?"
 (Audience "WHAT?")
"A stick!!"
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers.  Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers!!!

You are growing up so fast, my noo-noo!  It is your birthday in October - you'll be 9 years old.  Soon you'll be asking for high heel shoes and lipstick!

I love you precious girl - more than all the smarties in the world.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

JULY 2017

Hello darling Emily - my BFF - my princess - special child - light of my life!

On the 8th July 2008 I posted on your Blog a picture of the first doll I bought for you.  This is what I wrote:  
I tried to feel you kick the other night but you were tired and although Tammy could feel you moving, I couldn't feel anything.   I am writing to tell you that I bought you a rag doll yesterday. Now, this might not seem like much but if is a first for me. I only had boy babies, so even though I bought Teddies and other toys, I've never bought Dollies before! It was quite exciting buying a doll.
She is a sweet little rag doll with yellow hair and a cute dress. I made sure that I bought one with no buttons for eyes and no hard or loose bits that a baby can pull off or chew. 

When you visited the other day we decided to have a 9 year birthday party for Raggedy.  We both dressed up and we had cold drinks and biscuits.  You shared yours with Raggedy.

It was school holidays this month and first your Dad got the flu, then you and your Mom got it. Mom made a bed for you in the lounge with the two couches.  You had such a blocked nose you could hardly hold your head up and spent most of the day just lying down.  Your Mom was also really sick and sounded like a tractor when she coughed.  When Gumpy and I came to fetch your Dad for Rugby one Saturday (Dad was better by then) I went to the Broadway pharmacy to get you both some medicine.

Your holidays weren't a complete waste.  You were able to try one of these before you got the flu!

You did have one sleep over at our place.  We slept in the end room because it is quieter there.

But, for some reason it didn't go well.  We had a lovely dinner, played afterwards, you had a shower and then we went to bed.  I let you play on the tablet for a while before switching off the lights at about 8h30pm. But, you couldn't settle and you wanted to speak to your Mom.  When I phoned her all we could hear was crashing and banging and shouting and you thought something was happening to them.  Turned out that they were in a movie and we could hear all the noise.  Tammy phoned back and you said goodnight but you still couldn't settle. You wanted to sit up.  I suggested that you might fall asleep if you lay down.  "I'm not falling for that one!" you said.  I had to stop myself from laughing out aloud!
Then you told me that it isn't fair because at home you have to sleep all by yourself.  Your Dad has your Mom.  Gumpy has me, but you have to sleep all by yourself ... whaaah... more crying!

Eventually you went to sleep.  When you woke up in the morning we discussed having a plan for sleep overs.  This is what we decided.  We wrote out a list of things to read before you come for a sleepover.

I am sleeping with my Granny and Gumpy for one night.  I will be back home the next day.
I will phone my Mom and my Dad before I go to sleep to say goodnight. 
I will keep a photograph of my Mom and Dad next to my bed so that I can see them before I go to sleep. 
I will not play exciting games on the ipad before I go to sleep. 

We printed it and now have a copy in 'Emily's drawer' in the entrance hall.

Just in case you don't remember 'Your Drawer' when you are grown up, the second drawer in the dresser in the entrance hall is 'Your drawer' and the fairies always leave a little something for you in the drawer so that when you visit, there is a surprise for you.  
What are the surprises?  Nothing very expensive, just little gifts like Kinder or Frozen eggs with toys, hair ties, noise putty and other little things.  
Your Mom and Dad have trained you to say hello to me and Gumpy and give us both a hug before you go to the drawer to find your surprise otherwise you might be so excited about what is in the drawer that you'll forget to say hello to us first!

Next month is my 70th birthday and I decided that I would have a 'High Tea' and invite a few friends for afternoon tea.  Your Mom will make some of the cakes and I am going to do flowers in tea pots!  I know that you will help me set the table so that it is very special.

Love you more than jelly-tots!  Mwhaa...!!👄👄👄👄👄

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

JUNE 2017

 Hello my princess Emily!

My lost suitcase finally arrived and I was able to give you the presents I bought for you in Spain - a picture book about Santiago de Compostela, a Camino t-shirt and two party dresses.

You are learning how to play chess so I bought you a small chess set to practise with.  You played with Gumpy at our house using the 'Magic Table' chess board and you did really well.

You are also doing pottery and this is a bunny that you made for your Aunt Candice.

Jeff and Richard came to stay for a weekend to watch the rugby.  
You were there to meet them at the airport.

Jeff took the family out to dinner 

 At the rugby you got an autograph from the TV Sports presenter 

After rugby we had a braai at our place.

Gumpy and I went to your school sports day.  You took part in the star event.  Your house won!

 We are planning a sleepover during the July holidays and I am so looking forward to that!

Love you lots my angel-child,

Granny Syl