Saturday, December 2, 2017


My darling Emily-Ann,

We went to your dancing concert last month - it was fabulous!  Mom sent me this photo of you which I wanted to include in this post.

 We also went to your drama concert at the Durban Technikon.  You were part of a scene doing a belly dance and you also told your jokes in between scenes!  At the end of the show you received this certificate.  We were so proud of you we gave you a bunch of red roses - and one rose to the little girl who was the princess in the play.

We've had a braai at Dennis and Rita's home in Kloof.  You and I play and draw and sometimes we just sit and talk.  You are becoming quite the little lady and enjoyed sitting on Dennis' bar stool.

We also go to Sundowners at Greg and Sharon's on a Friday night.  
On this night you and Gumpie had a Grandpa-Grand-daughter special moment!

 By the way, Mom sent me this photo a bit late.  This is 'Lucy' the talking, singing, dancing doggie you bought with your birthday money.  She can do rock n roll, hip hop and other dances.

At your school you were awarded a certificate

And this is your art corner in your class.  I think I'm going to make a poster of these and 
frame it to hang on the wall in my office!

Christmas is coming and you are going to have a sleep over when your Mom and Dad go to the Derivco Christmas dinner.  I'm really looking forward to that!  

Love you lots like Jelly-Tots - much much more than Smarties!

Granny Syl ♥  

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Hello my Emily-Ann!

You had your treatment on the 2nd October.  You are so brave - never a cry or a tear as they put the port in.
 You always come to us after a treatment and this time it was Thandi's birthday so 
we had cakes, sweets, chips and cold drinks to celebrate.
 You had a fund time outdoors with Mom and Dad - hopefully not whizzing down steep inclines!
 You and your Dad are BFF's and you like to climb all over him!

On 6 and 7 October we all went to the iMfolozi Game Reserve.

It was very dry, no water in the pans or the rivers and we saw elephant digging holes with their trunks in the river bed at Sontuli in iMfolozi to find water for the babies.  
Dennis and Rita shared with Greg and Sharon and Gumpie and I shared with you and your parents.  These photos were taken at Hilltop.  

We love going to the Game Reserves and your Mom and Dad feel that it is important for you to get to know the wilderness and the animals that live there.

On your birthday, all the ladies wore princess tiaras.

  We had pizza for supper and a special cake with two lots of candles - one a number 9 and then also 9 re-igniting candles that are almost impossible to blow out.  Every time you blew them out they flickered and burst into flame again!  Greg snuffed them out in the end!

You had a special photo-shoot with make-up on for your dancing show.  Just see how grown-up you looked with a bun, no glasses and full make-up.  Like a beautiful young model!

 You looked lovely in your yellow outfit and Em, it was like a miracle to watch you dancing on the stage.  This isn't something we even dreamed of when you were diagnosed with OI.  We were so impressed with your perormance that Gumpie and I went backstage after the show and gave you a bunch of flowers.  

Mom bought two big pumpkins and cut out faces for Halloween

 You also went to a Halloween party dressed as Pirate

Em you are doing so well at school that we are getting quite poor!  We always reward you with a little bit of pocket money when you do well at tests and lately you have done so well that we have paid a couple of hundred Rand in rewards!  Very proud of you noo-noo - love you lots, like Jelly-Tots!

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Hello my darling,

Sometimes - not every often - your Mom asks us to fetch you from school.  On Wednesday Gumpie and I fetched you from school and you asked if we could go to the Fig Tree Coffee Shop at the church in Anthony road.  Its a lovely coffee shop with a children's play area.  I have been there with you and Mom so know that you are allowed to play there but Gumpie nearly had a heart attack!  You climbed through the tunnels, followed other children up the ladder to the top of the slide, went over, under and around the big foam blocks.  Eventually Gumpie begged me to take you home!  Your Mom came soon afterwards and I took Gumpie home.

We went to your school assembly at the end of term.  Its lovely to see you with all the other children, singing loudly and doing all the actions on stage!

Your class won the trophy for the most newspapers collected and... guess what... you won the trophy for the most individual newspaper collector!  Well done Em!

You love rugby and always support the sharks.  Many of the players know that you are their number one fan and don't mind having their photos taken with you, including Sharki and Rhino.

You and Tank (Thomas du Toit)
 You and 'Terror' Mthembu
 Jeremy Ward - center

You had an animal dress-up day at school and you went as a scary lion.

You went to the Botanical Gardens with your parents to listen to music in the park.

This year you decided to have a 'bowling party' on your birthday so Mom and Dad took you to kiddies bowling to try it out. 

You always come to our house for a birthday dinner on your birthday and we are looking forward to having you here next month for a birthday dinner.

I love you my darling girl!! ♥

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Hello my darling Em,

August was a busy month - it was my 70th birthday on 6th August and I had a High Tea at home which went off exactly as I hoped it would.  Some of our oldest friends were there, like Barbara and Charles Mason.  Gumpy and Charles worked together in 1961 and I first met them 50 years ago.  Charles was our groomsman at our wedding.  He is the tall man on the right with my friend Colleen who was my bridesmaid.  We still keep in touch.
Three people in this photograph have passed away.  Brian was Gumpy's bestman, Patty was my Matron of Honour and her daughter, Caroline, was our flower girl.  They have all passed on.  You have met the other two people - Gumpy's cousins Anthony and Carol who now live in Australia.

Do you recognize our page boy, the little boy next to Gumpy?  Believe it or not that is Uncle Jeff!  My brother was 10 years old (not much older than you are now) when we got married.

Jeff and Gail

Phyllis is in this photo.  We first met Phyll and Phil in 1978 when your Dad was only one year old!

Marion, Linda and Reinette

 The lady on the right is my friend Sandi Beukes - who did the paintings in our entrance hall.

I told everyone that I didn't want any presents.  Enok's church is raising money to have 500 hymn books reprinted and they need lots of money so I asked people to donate money to Enok's new Hymn Book project.  My friends were very generous and between them we gave Enok's church R2000 for hymn books.  Some people still gave me small gifts.  Jeff and Gail gave me a cup and saucer bird feeder and some bird seed.  I told Gail that the monkeys would eat the seed and guess what?  Two days later I hung up the bird feeder in the tree outside the kitchen window and this is what happened!

In August you also had a girlie night out and went with Mom and Carrie to 
watch James and Giant Peach at the Sneddon Theatre.  

Your school had a talent show for parents and grandparents.  You told jokes and you were
ab -so -lut - ely fabulous!!  You were quite nervous in the car, but once you got onto the stage you were like a professional, stand-up comic, telling 4 jokes in 2 minutes!  Everybody laughed!  Everybody cheered and everybody clapped!

What jokes did you tell?
Joke one:  The other day I went to the doctor and I said, "Doctor, doctor, I think I'm becoming invisible."
And do you know what the doctor said?
(Audience, "WHAT?")
"Sorry, I can't see you right now."
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers.
Joke two:  The I went to the doctor again, and I said, "Doctor, doctor, I think I'm a pencil."  And do you know what the doctor said?
(Audience, "WHAT?")
"I see your point!"
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers.
Joke three:  "The other night I was watching Animal Planet.  Do you know where cows go on a Saturday night?
(Audience, "WHERE?")
"They go to the mooooo-vies!"
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers.
"Anyone want another joke?"   YEAH - YES.....!!
"What's brown and sticky?"
 (Audience "WHAT?")
"A stick!!"
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers.  Clap, clap, laugh, laugh, cheers!!!

You are growing up so fast, my noo-noo!  It is your birthday in October - you'll be 9 years old.  Soon you'll be asking for high heel shoes and lipstick!

I love you precious girl - more than all the smarties in the world.