Sunday, May 1, 2016

APRIL 2016


 Ha, Ha!!  Who is this SCARY person?  You - trying out a new APP your Dad added to his phone.

We all went to the Australian Circus.  No animals.  Lots of exciting stunts, a clown, a man was shot from a cannon and motor-cycles rode round and round inside a revolving ball.

It was Gumpie's birthday on the 8th so we had a special birthday dinner at home.
You helped him blow his birthday candles.

You had your treatment for the year.  I don't think there is another child on earth as brave and accepting as you.  You don't even cry when the needle is inserted

You were allowed a special treat - a movie and an ice-lolly!

 You weren't the only one who had to go to hospital.  Muffy had to have an operation on her leg, and be confined to a small cage for 6 weeks.  She nearly drove you all mad with her barking and whining.  She isn't nearly as good as you are!