Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello my beautiful child,
You had your last Pamidronate treatment this past weekend.  From now on you only have to go in every three months so the next one will be in February.
Mom managed to persuade the Medical Aid that treatment at Parklands was cheaper and easier for all concerned to you went into Parklands on Friday.  When Mom and Dad brought you here afterwards I met you at the door.  You had a bandage and a pretty pink, floral bandana on your head.  "What's this?" I asked, touching the bandana.  "My hat, Ganny" you, replied.  Looking at me as though I was a bit dim!  How could I not know that it was your hat?
On Saturday I releived Mom and Dad at the hospital for a while so that they could get a cup of coffee in the hospital cafetaria.  You sat on my lap and we read books, played 'hammer the ball into a box' game and watched Micky Mouse and friends on the portable DVD player. 
Mom and Dad came to us after your treament and you were soon walking along, pushing yout plastic trolley all over the house.  Every time we passed through the kitchen you added an tem to the trolley basket from my vegetable rack - potato, butternut, onions - all went into the trolley.

Your favourite person is Dodo, especially when she carries you on her back

This is your big pram.  You can sit in it with your legs outstretched and you were able to sleep in it for many months.  You also have an orange pram that we use to take you to the shops or for walks

I made supper and then gave you a bath before Mom took you home.
On Sunday Gumpy and I went to the hospital to releive Mom and Dad who had a tea/coffee treat in the cafetaria.  You were getting tired and once the Pamidronate was finiahed and the line had been flushed, Mom and Dad took you home.
You are a very polite little girl, Em.  You say thank you for everything - you even thanked Dr Roos when he stuck the needle in your head to insert the port.  Mom says Dr Roos was taken aback when you said, "Thank you doctor.  No more hurt." 
On Monday night when I babysat so that Mom and Dad could go to an early movie, I burnt myself on the steam when I pulled back the plasti from your microwave dinner.  "Sowwy , Ganny" you said, "Sowwy, mwhaaa.." Making a kissing sound in my direction.  You are an angel child.
Yesterday Mom brought you around for a visit and told us that you had gone over on your right foot and said that it hurt.  You were like a little injured animal, trying to stand on one leg and not putting the hurt foot on the ground.  I hope its just a slight sprain my darling.