Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First walk with the dog

Hello little Em,
Today I took you for the first walk in your pram around Patty's complex - and I took you with Muffy (Patty's Yorkie) as well. You looked so cute with your little denim sunhat on. You enjoyed the walk but seemed much more interested in your 'Flower' - a soft, felt flower with petals and a face that is twisted onto the handle of your pram. After I left Patty's to go back to Greg's place, Finn took over talking to you - the first time he has baby-sat you.
Mark emailed to say that you went to the clinic today and that you now weigh 7.36kg, and that you are in the 75th percentile for your height, weight and head circumference. That means that 75% of babies your age are smaller than you are. I knew you were thriving and growing into your body size.
You are a precious angel and I love you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First solids

14th March:

Hello little Em,
You were introduced to solids today! Your Mom and Dad have taken a delightful video of you trying to shove rice cereal into your mouth with all your fingers. Dear little thing - you obviously didn't know what to make of the spoon and the cereal and managed to get it all over your face!
Tam said that you weren't interested in it the next day but that you are happy to try it after you have had your milk. You are progressing so fast now that I see a change in you after just a few days. You are holding your head up and don't look like a Noddy-doll anymore! You smile at everyone and hardly ever cry.
You are an angel-baby and I love you.
See you soon Little Em.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This photo was taken of you and Mark last week. He had his head shaved in the CANSA Shave-athon.
Today I showed you a butterfly and you seemed completely fascinated with the large beautiful creature that fluttered around your pram.
Mark had a Microsoft Course to attend to at the Pavilion so Tammy dropped him there and then you two spent the day with us.
Last week Tammy dropped her wedding ring in the car. It slipped between the centre consol and the carpeting. She couldn't get it out so she took the car to Toyota and they had to remove the front car seat, lift the carpet and retrieve the ring from under the carpet.
You were an angel today. You didn't cry once and, guess what, you even went to sleep on your own in your pram.
This is the first time that I have been with you that you have gone to sleep without being held. You were in your pram and I rocked you with one hand whilst I ate my lunch with the other. Next thing your eyes closed and you fell asleep! Little angel child.
Now, about this CANSA thing. Your aunty Patty had a little spot on the side of her nose diagnosed as a malignant melanoma - cancer. She started radium therapy last week and has to go for 17 day after day treatments. Its quite a mission so I am driving her to the hospital every day. So far she is coping well but she had been very nervous about it all. Your aunt is a brave lady, she has COPD and now cancer and still she smiles and if you ask her how she is, she says, "I'm fine thank you" - even when she isn't. Your mother is a strong lady too so I think you are going to grow up with strength as well.
You'll be coming to spend some time with me again tomorrow little Em. I'm looking forward to it.