Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleepover and dandelions

Hello my darling Em,
About a month ago we had a final family get-together at Patty’s place. It was strange to see it so empty. We explained to you before we got there that Patty’s stuff was all gone and that her house was empty: we didn’t want you to get a fright when you arrived. We ordered pizza and ate on paper plates with paper serviettes because there was no crockery, glassware or cleaning up stuff there. It was quite fun and we laughed a lot and Patty was very present. I think she would have loved that we were there together.

Two weeks later, Tam and Mark went to a wedding in the midlands and because they were staying overnight, I had a sleep-over at your place. It was great fun. We played concerts. All the toys were on the couch and on chairs in front of the couch. We had different coloured paper tickets, popcorn, cold-drink and jelly beans for everyone. First you sang a song, then I sang a song. Then you did a dance and then I did a dance. Then you said a poem and then I said a poem. We even had an interval and went to play outside for a while. After the interval you acted like an animal and we had to guess what you were, and then it was my turn. It was great fun. 

In the morning we went for a walk around the block. You sat on every large boulder, hugged all the trees and picked the dandelions and a few flowers for your Mommy.  You had your shoes on with the prosthetic inserts and I think your feet got tired.

You don't often go for long walks so it was quite tiring for you and on the way back you wanted me to carry you. I carried you down the hill but you had to walk up the steep driveway to your home.  We had a nice rest sitting on the couch watching cbeebies.

A couple of weeks ago you had to go to Parklands for your Pamidronate infusion. Mom and Dad told us that you hardly cried when they put the needle in your hand. When we went to visit you, I told you that Gumpy was also going to be in hospital after the weekend and would also have a drip in his hand. "You must be brave, Gumpy." You said to him. "The doctor will give you a mozzie bite on your hand and then it will need a little plaster. But you mustn't cry because the doctor is trying to help you." We all just sat with tears in our eyes. 

You were on school holidays for three weeks and Mom did exciting things with you.  You even went to a big movie house and you enjoyed it - only had to go out once for a wee!

By the way, you are now just over a meter tall!  Fancy that!

I love you baby girl.  XXX