Friday, April 27, 2012

Your Aunty Patty passed away

Hello darling Em,
Exactly a month ago today your aunt Patty - my beloved sister - passed away.  It was the weekend when we went to the Oaks.  Patty had a severe stroke at home and never woke up from a coma.  We had a memorial service for her but your Mom and Dad decided that you should not come because a lot of sad and crying people could upset and confuse you.

When Patty's ventilator was switched off, Mom explained to you that Patty was old, very sick and that she had died.  She said that Patty had gone away and that we would not be seeing her again.

The night she died we had everyone to dinner at our house.  You asked who was going to fetch Patty.  When Tammy reminded you that Patty had died, you said, "Oh no - not again!"

Today when you and your Mom and Dad came to Patty's place to help us clear out her stuff, I heard you laughing as your other Granny played with you and I could feel Patty smiling. 
Patty loved you very much.  She always called you 'My Princess'.  You loved Patty very much too and you were always concerned for her, and cared about her having her oxygen and who was going to give her a lift when we went out. 
It is really sad that you won't remember her but I would like you to know that nobody was more excited the day you were born - a little girl in our family full of males - a Princess!

Patty's little Muffin has gone to a lovely home, on a smallholding, where she has two brothers.  Beryl, the lady who gave Muffy a home, says that she is very happy.  She plays with her brothers, sleeps on the bed and goes out with them in the car.

You have always been afraid of dogs but you were better with Muffy because she was small and she was gentle.

I'm so pleased you had an Aunty Patty in your life, even if was for such a short time.  She loved you and you were very caring of her.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


On the 24th March we had a lovely overnight stay at The Oaks at Byrne guest farm.  Your Dad and Greg spent many happy childhood holidays there and we wanted you to experience it too.

Mark loved sitting on the 'gunda-gunda' and would spend hours pretending to drive it.  We couldn't believe it when we saw that it was still there - brightly coloured but with flat tyres of course!
You played with Samantha - a little girl whose Daddy also spent childhood holidays at the Oaks.

Gumpy took you to see the pigs and the horses and a donkey called Humphrey.
Children have their own diningroom but they made an exception for you to have breakfast and dinner with us in the adult dinigroom.  You enjoyed giving us each a toothpick from the holders on the tables around us!
After breakfast you went on a ride on Humphrey and gave him a pear to eat afterwards.
I've got a photograph of your Daddy on this swing when he was 18 months old!
We went to visit the little Byren church and read the names of the original settlers
in the church-yard cemetery.