Thursday, June 26, 2014

While I was in Spain

Hello my Darling Em,

I really missed you while I was in Spain for a month. 
Just before I left we watched you swimming at your swimming gala. 
You did so well and you were a star and looked great in your two piece costume!

While I was away you earned your 15 m swimming badge - clever girl!! 
You are like a little fish in the water - just like your daddy!

 While I was away I tripped and fell and broke my left arm!  I was very brave while they were taking the x-rays and putting the cast on in the hospital because I kept thinking of you and your Dad and how brave you have been.  This is a photograph of me and my cousin Marlene who came to Spain to walk a part of the Camino with us.

You had some nice outings to the Aquarium.  Here you are in front of a giant brindle bass.

You were examining the aquarium brochure, upside down and inside out!

You celebrated Father's day with your Mom and Dad