Monday, February 27, 2012

You are a school-girl!!

Hello my darling Em,

I can't believe that you are now a school-girl.
One minute you were a helpless babe in arms and now you are this grown up little miss!
After a long search Mom found you a lovely school and you have learned to put your hand up when you want to go to the toilet; to say a prayer before your snack and lunch with your eyes closed and hands together, and to sing new songs.  You went on an outing to Mitchell park. 

Your carer is away so Michelle Deme has been your carer this month.
You get on very well with her and I think she is going to miss you when Shay comes back later this week.

My friend Isabel came to stay with me for three weeks in January.  I showed you her photograph a few times before she arrived and when she met you for the first time you met her as though you had known each other for years!  She brought you a lovely little dress and a some make up and nail polish and you had a great time doing each other's nails and brushing each other's hair. 
She couldn't believe how well you could swim - especially going under water!

On Valentine's day you went to school in pink and red - like a beautiful angel!

On Break-up day you went to school as a Lady-bug - a beautiful Lady bug!!