Friday, April 15, 2011

My name is Danny and I Live with Dumpy in a house with a nice darden.

Hello my Emily princess,
You have the most beautiful blond hair - soft like your Dad's. 
You still can't say words starting with a 'G' or a 'K' - so my name is 'Danny' and your 'Gumpy' is 'Dumpy'. 
Whenever you come you ask to visit my 'darden' and I take you to see the little tomatoes, pepadews, brinjals, lettuce and herbs.  I bought a cute ceramic frog and snail to put in the square-foot box and you love to visit Mr Froggie and Mr Snail.  Your favourite was to eat strawberries from the garden but they have all gone over now.

You have some really old-fashioned ways about you Em.  When you meet new people you like to hold out your hand and say "Pleased to meet you, what is your name?"  It often takes people aback!  You say words like 'fantastic!' and 'delicious!'  and when people are walking down steps you tell them to be careful.  You are very sweet.
The other day I took you for a long walk along your road - Anthony Rd - to High Ridge Rd and on the way back we stopped for a Teddy-Bear's picnic on the verge under a tree.  Huggington Bear came with us and I took a blanket (your favourite one) two plastic tea-set saucers and cups and we had a picnic with biscuits, Jungle bars and juice.

One of your favourite games is 'tea party'.  We lay out your tea set and have real mini-tennis biscuits and Eat-sum-more with Iced Tea, your favourite drink.  When you pour my tea you tell me its hot and you or I must blow on it first.  When you eat your biscuit you say, "Mmmmm... delicious!" 

You also love to go shopping with a handbag over your arm.  We go to the kitchen and you fill the bag with an apple, potato, grapes and whatever else you can 'buy' in my kitchen.  You give me bluff-bluff money and I give you what you want.  Sometimes you want to buy 'thweetees' or 'ithe-keem' but Mommy doesn't always allow you to buy those!