Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello my Emily Ann!
You are a lucky girl - you are going to have two birthdays this month!  Your birthday is on Sunday 16th October but, because there was a chance that South Africa might be in the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup and because the AmaShova cycle race is on next weekend, your parents decided to bring your party forward to the 8th October instead.  So we had balloons, banners, cake, sweets, chips, and a magician and clown who did face painting at your party.  It was great fun! 
You wanted a butterly and Barbie party so Mom made a butterfly cake that had a Barbie doll for the body.  She very cleverly made a skirt for Barbie out of icing so when it came to blowing out the candles and cutting up the cake, you ate the clothes off the Barbie doll! 

And then, the following week, on your birthday 16th October, we had a Birthday Tea Party for the family.  I brought your table into the lounge and set it with all your colourful plates.  I bought different cupcakes, a gingerbread man, an ice-cream cone rocket, marie biscuit faces, chips, dips and fruit bowls.  We had sweeties and cold drinks and a No 3 candle for you to blow out.

 Mom dressed you in the little outfit Patty and I bought for you in Russia
and you looked like a princess!

Patty came and your Granny Laura, and Greg and Sharon came over for a while.  I put your favourite toys on the couch alongside he table so that they could also share the tea party.

By the way, you colourful orthotics, that fit sungly into your sandals, have proved very successful.  They have helped to turn your collapsing arches upright and are helping to prevent bowing in the shin bones (tibia).  You can see them here:

Friday, October 7, 2011

6 weeks is a long time!

Em, you left for England before me and by the time you got back on 4th September I had left for Spain and I didn't see you for nearly 6 weeks.  That is a long time in a little girl's life and when I got back you looked so grown up! 
You had a lovely time in England and Mom and Dad said you were really well behaved. 
You went on the London Eye, you went to animal farms, went to Hamleys Toy Shop - one of the biggest in the world - and had your face painted like a little tiger! You met my friend Pat Cooper who is Graham's Mommy. They used to live in Durban and Mark and Graham played table tennis together and often slept over at each other's homes. 
Graham came back to South Africa to be at Mark's wedding.  In the photograph here you can see Mark, Greg, Graham and Kevin.
I was walking in Spain until then end of September.  You came to the airport with your Mom and Dad to welcome me home.  I was so happy to see you again!  I don't like being away from you for such a long time - I really missed you.