Thursday, July 30, 2015


Your Junior school had their cross country run in Durban North last month.  You were allowed to run the last 100m with your facilitator, Sarah, and PT teacher holding your hands.  Mark and Tammy said that it was very emotional watching you running onto the field with about 600 people cheering you on!  Its a miracle Emily and we are overjoyed to witness this miracle.  However, I am pleased that I wasn't actually there because I am always saying, 'Don't run, Emily - don't run!"

Friday, July 24, 2015


May was a busy month for anniversaries and birthdays.  It is Greg and Sharon's anniversary on 2nd May, your dad's birthday on 15th, your mom's birthday on 24th,  Greg's birthday on 26th May, and your Mom and Dad's anniversary on 30th May.  We celebrated all the birthdays at Greg and Sharon's place one Friday night.

We went to our first Theatre show with you to see SHREK at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.  We had a drink before the show and we took photos at the Shrek cut-outs.

You love going to rugby with your Mom and Dad - especially when you meet Sharkie!
We were invited to the Junior School, Mother and Father's day morning where all the children from Grade R to Grade 3 sang songs for their parents and Grand-parents.  During the performance, one little girl started crying because she thought her mother couldn't see her.  You moved up to make a space for her to sit next to you on the bottom row where you held her hand, stroking it and talking to her.  Everyone was so touched and the mother of the little girl called you an angel - which we already knew, but it was very kind of you Em to comfort that little girl, no older than you.
You had to have your treatment in July and Mom said that you didn't shed one tear when they put the port into your hand for the drip.

The day after you had your treatment, Gumpy had to stay in Umhlanga Hospital to have his Polygam infusion - so just like you, he also had a port in his hand.
After hospital, you and Mom spent the rest of the day with us. 
We went for a walk around the block, something you love to do. 
We sing songs, and even have a half-way concert on somebody's verge in Heather Road.
We also went to the Kloof SPCA before going to Rita and Dennis for her birthday braai. 
You loved the playground, especially the swings.

It was cold at Kloof but warm in the sun so Rita put down a blanket and you and Mom warmed yourselves in the sun while the men were cooking.
My two friends, Theresa and Zuretha, carried a drawing you sent to them all the way to Santiago in Spain.  They sent you this photo taken outside the cathedral.  You sent one back to them.