Wednesday, January 1, 2014


What a year you've had my darling Em! 

At the beginning of the year you were 1m tall and now you are 107cm!

In February you had your first haircut.

You were in your first swimming gala in March and you won a trophy

We celebrated Gumpie's 70th birthday in April

In April you went to……. Disney World!

You had your treatment in June and December

In July you celebrated Madiba’s 95th birthday (sadly he died on 5 December)

In September Tammy fetched Muffy (after she’d spent 18 months with Beryl)  so you got your first doggie!

In October we all went to the Midlands Saddle and Trout on holiday.
You blew at the candles at Little John's 80th birthday

You flew to Johannesburg for Gail’s 50th birthday

You got your first pair of glasses!

You had your 5th birthday party at the Flying Donkey

You were an angel in your Christmas concert




Christmas started with sun downers on our deck on Christmas eve.  You loved having all your family around you and you were so good, never asking for a present even though there were many under the tree.

  On Christmas Day we had about 21 people for lunch and the Deme's and the Cadman's visited in the afternoon.  Gail brought a lovely Christmas cake - and a set of drums for you for Christmas!

 You were Craig's special helper - handing out the presents to everyone.

It was a warm day and you had a lovely time in the pool with mommy, granny Laura, Gail and