Tuesday, August 5, 2008

5TH AUGUST - 28 weeks

It is my birthday tomorrow Em.

I will be 61 years old. That means I am 3 172 weeks old! And you are about 28 weeks old!
I was beginning to think that I would never be a grandmother. We always thought that Greg, being the eldest, would get married and have children first. But Greg isn't close to being married and having children yet and we thought that Mark might not have children until it was safe to go the IVF way.

But, out of the blue, Mark and Tammy fell pregnant and in a few weeks time, Finn and I will be grand parents. It still sounds very strange to say those words!
Is it only a few weeks time? I think you are about 27 - 28 weeks old now. What does the website say?

Baby's Growth, 25 - 28 Weeks

Your baby is beginning to develop a layer of fat beneath the skin. Hair continues to grow and the baby's eyes (which now have eyelashes) are able to open. The lungs are continuing to mature. The baby's sucking is well developed. By 28 weeks, your baby is about 37.6cm long and weighs about 1 005gm. A layer of fat is being deposited beneath the skin, making it less translucent and the baby's form more rounded. Eyes now open and close, hair is growing further and lungs are continuing to mature. Your baby's sucking reflex is well developed, and if you could see the baby floating in that warm, watery world, you might see a tiny thumb, complete with thumbnail, tucked inside a so-small mouth.

The third trimester of pregnancy begins from 28 weeks pregnant to the baby's birth. The due date marks the end of the 40th week but a full term baby can be born between the 38th and 42nd weeks of pregnancy. The baby grows much larger during this trimester. The body organs mature. Between the 27th and 32nd weeks, the movement of the baby is more frequent. Your Mom and Dad say, "She has been kicking up a storm!" In the last two months of pregnancy, the baby will be too big to move around as easily inside the uterus and may seem to decrease in movement. Usually, the foetus settles in a head-down position at the end of this trimester. Around this time, discomfort may increase the closer she gets to deliver.
Now is the time for your Mom and Dad to talk to you often, reading stories, singing songs and more. You can recognize their voices now and will often calm to it later on!

Your Mom says that you are getting heavy. That is because you are growing so quickly now. Will you be a big baby or a small baby? Will you have hair? What colour will it be?
Next week Tammy will have a 4-D scan and will be able to see you more clearly. I am so looking forward to seeing you for the first time!
Stay safe little one - grow strong,