Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Milestones - Veges, Teething, a Sleep over and a false alarm!

Hello Little Em,
You have been a little bit niggely lately and then on Thursday your parents told us that they could feel a little tooth on your bottom gum. On Saturday morning I was holding you in the church while Greg & Sharon's wedding rehearsal was taking place, and you kept rubbing your gums on my hand. By Sunday afternoon, a second little tooth had come through! Dear little babe, two front teeth and more to come!
On Saturday night you three slept over at our house for the first time. It was Greg's Bulls Party and Mark couldn't drive home afterwards and he didn't want your Mom to spend the night alone. Mark and Tammy brought your camp cot, blankets, toys and food and spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday here. We weren't sure how you would sleep in a strange place but you were an angel and slept through from 7pm to 2:30am without even a beep.
You are eating vegetables now. Your Mom only buys organic vegetables and steams them all before blending them into a puree. You eat so beautifully! You open your mouth for the spoon and 'chew' the food. What a little star!
We had a bit of a scare with you on Friday afternoon. I was washing dishes and you and your Mom were in the TV room. The next minute I heard you scream and cry and your Mom came rushing through with you in her arms. She said you were sitting with her on the couch when you leant forward and she heard your ankle 'click'. I went cold and grabbed you from her. I asked her which foot was it, was it a 'crack' or a 'click', who was her doctor. She grabbed you back from me and told me to get her cellphone - the numbers of the GP and paediatrician are on her phone. I suggested she phone Dr Fraser (orthopedic surgeon) but by then you had stopped crying after she gave you a bottle of juice. It was a false alarm but it was really scary, Em.
I think Tammy was quite shaken. Later that evening Mark phoned and said that he didn't know how would handle it if you had broken something - he asked me how I had coped with him but I don't know how to reassure him. One copes. One has to cope. There is nothing heroic about it - its more stoic than heroic. One day you'll understand.
This little video is of your Dad rubbing his finger on your mouth while you make brrrrrr.... noises! Cute!
I love you very much little Em.
Big hug sweetie,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hello Little Em,
I can't believe that you'll be 6 months old tomorrow! From a skinny, jaundiced little babe you have grown into a beautiful, peaches and cream, happy little girl.
I have baby-sat you quite a bit in the last couple of weeks and you seem to recognize me now - especially if I sing the "Emily Ann" song to you. You laugh and you sing and you talk. On Monday at Patty's I put you to sleep and I also looked after you here while your Mom and Dad had a little rest. You played on the activity mat for nearly 45 minutes, sat in the Bumbo playing for another half an hour without a whimper. You are a perfect baby in every way.
Something unexpected happened last week. I went for a bone density scan the week before and when I went to see my doctor she told me that I have brittle bones! Not osteogeneis imperfecta like your Dad, but osteoporosis which causes bones to be fragile and brittle. It happens to lots of post-menopausal women but I didn't expect to have it myself.
The doctor was a bit perplexed - the way to manage brittle bones is to stop smoking (I haven't smoked for 30 years), to cut down on alcohol (I have never drank alcohol) reduce red meat consumption (I am a vegetarian) start weight bearing exercises like walking for 30 minutes a day (I walk every day - between 80km and 100km per week) and get more sunshine for Vitamin D. If I spend any more time in the sun I'll die of skin cancer rather that brittle bones!
When she read the results, she had a very serious look on her face and seemed almost reluctant to break the news. But, do you know what? I wasn't at all surprised. I don't know why - but I wasn't even upset.
Its a funny thing Em, but I remember saying before you were born that I would rather have brittle bones than have you born with brittle bones. Now isn't that strange? You don't have brittle bones but I do and everyone else is surprised by it!
On Tuesday I went for blood tests - the doctor wants to rule out any illness such as thyroid, lack of Calcium etc before prescribing a drug for me to take. In the meantime, I must keep on walking, getting sunshine, eating properly, lifting weights etc. I can still do my long hikes so I don't have to cancel my walk in June.
I'll be going away for 5 weeks and I am already missing you Em. You won't recognize me after 5 weeks away and you will also change a lot in 5 weeks.
Big hug and kiss little Em,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Angel Child

Hello little Em,
I have seen a lot of you this week and the more I am with you the more amazed I am at how quickly you are growing. For the first few months babies are not responsive or even aware of themeself or others. Now you recognize people and respond to everyone. Its been so great to spend more time with you.
Tammy has been designing, cutting and compiling the wedding invitations. She has done a really good job and they are looking very professional. And, while your Mom works, I get to walk you in the pram, watch you while you play on your playmat and put you to sleep. You never cry. Even when you get tired. You smile all the time - you are an angel child.
Mark has taught you to make an 'ahhh...' sound when he taps two fingers against your mouth. It is so cute because the sound changes to a wha-wha-wha-wha sound and you keep going, even changing pitch! They have got you on video doing it - I'll try to get a copy so that I can post it here.
Today I took you to the bottom of the garden and named some of the plants and trees. You looked so serious while I was talking, almost as though you understood! I think the fresh air is good for you and it makes you sleepy. Twice you've fallen asleep in the pram - once even while I was in front of the computer, pushing the pram to and fro with my foot.
Tammy says that she is ging to start you on veges at lunch times from next week. You'll be 6 months old on the 16th April and weigh over 7kg now.
I love you little angel!