Sunday, July 3, 2011

Emily can dance, and run, and spin ......

Hello my darling Em,
You are growing tall, like a weed!  At the end of January we measured your height and marked it on the inside of a cupboard in the guest room.  You were 87cm tall.  At the end of April you were 90cm tall. 
You also have beautiful blond hair which Mom often puts into a pony-tail.  You look like a little angel!
I went to Spain for three weeks to walk the Camino and while I was away you kept asking if you could go to Spain to see your Danny. 
I missedyou while I was away but Tammy sent me emails from you.  This is one of them after her 30th birthday party at our house.

 "Yesterday I went to Kelsey's birthday party she turned 3. She lives in our complex. We bought her a my little pony doll and mommy wouldn't let me unwrap it :(
I have been playing with Craig all weekend and he keeps asking to to say delicious and I won't (but I smile and giggle at him a lot). He is such a nice man and mommy and daddy say he is 'so good with me'.
I had lots of fun at mommy's party too we had lots of chips and I ate lots of the smooshy white cheese and everyone said I looked beautiful in my stripped leggings and pretty dress. Mommy had fun too she got lots of gifts and I opened them all !!
Have to go nap now.
Love you ganny

 On Sunday you went to Greg & Sharon's place for a family get-together. Patty was there and you and she had a good chat.

And this one:
"Yesterday we went to the Pav and I walked around holding Taylor's hand it was very nice day and we had teddy bear ice creams.

Love you Danny."

You love to dance and to sing (although I hate to say it but you can't really keep a tune!)  You like to do performances.  You stand up straight and say, "Ladies and Gentlemen!"  Then you clear your throat a few times and start to give an exaggerated rendition, with arm and body actions, of  Twinkle, twinkle little star - or Ring-a-ring-a-Rosies.  When we all clap and cheer, you bow your head and say 'thank you'. 
These performances are not only given to family or friends but to complete strangers. Last Sunday we went to braai atDennis and Rita's in Kloof.  It was to welcome their Son Anthony, his wife Megan and their two children on a visit from Australia.  Their were about 9 little children ranging from 10 months to 10 years and the parents told them that a little girl was coming who might hurt if she was pushed over or treated roughly.  When you arrived you were the centre of attraction!  All the little girls wanted to hold your hand and take care of you.  Joclyn from Australia was very taken with you when she was told that you were her cousin!  Your favourite at the party was Casey who cared for you all afternoon.
 The other day Tammy had to renew her driver's license and had a long wait in the queue at the Rossburgh Testing Grounds.  You kept the queues amused by your wonderful singing and acting!

You also like to dance and spin but we have to warn to do it slowly in case you fall.  Also when you run.  Phsew - my heart stands still!  It is a miracle to see you running but I always say, 'slowly, Em, slowly'.
In August you are going to England with Mom and Dad to visit Graham and George and Kevin and Jackie and other friends.  By then you will be nearly three years-old and Mom has been searching for a pre-school in Durban North.  There are many schools but they don't want you to go to one where the classes are too big.  I know she'll find just the right school for you.