Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pam treatment every 4 months

Hello my darling,

Last weekend you were in Parklands having your Pamidronate treatment.  Until now you have been going for 3 days every 3 months, having treatment for 3 hours each day.  Now that you weigh 13kg you only have to go again in March next year, and every 4 months thereafter!  YAY!!  That'll make your life easier my darling girl. 
When I visited you the first day I asked you what you had on your hand (it was bandaged to hold the port in place).  You said, "The doctor gave me a mosquito bite." 
I had a cold so I didn't want to visit you in the ward.  Mom and Dad brought you to the coffee shop so that we could sit together.  I brought foxy (a red hand-puppet that I think is over 30 years old) and your little St Bernard puppy toy called Sparky.  You were so pleased to see them - like they were real friends come to visit you. 
On Sunday I brought Thandi, your little brown dolly, and Pink Panther. You asked if you come to my house after the hospital and I told you that it was Thandi's birthday and of course you had to come to the party. I bought mini cup-cakes and a few savoury snacks and when Mom and Dad brought you round in the afternoon we had a birthday party for Thandi. There were two candles in a cup-cake and you helped Thandi blow them out.  We sang happy birthday (twice) and ate all the cakes and snacks.  I think we must have a birthday party at least once a month, don't you?