Thursday, September 24, 2015

August - September 2015

It was my birthday on the 6th August and you came to visit  me after school and then you all came to visit me on the Friday night.   When you are 68 years old, there isn't much that you need anymore so people always find it difficult to buy presents.  Having your family share your birthday with you is the greatest gift!

You wanted to colour in a special picture for me so we found one that you liked on the internet and printed it out so that you could colour it in for me.  Thank you my darling - I love my birthday picture!
On the 16th August our friend, Little John arrived back from his walk in Spain and visit to England.  We met him at the airport and you made him a lovely Welcome Home poster.

I left on the 2nd September to walk in Spain and serve at a pilgrim shelter in an albergue inside a ruined monastery called San Anton.  I always carry your little elephant with me when I travel and you can see her here, tied to my backpack.  This is her 6th walk with me.

While I was away, you were part of your school musical - called a Seusical as it was the work of Dr Seuss.  Your Mom sent me these lovely photographs of you with make-up on!  You looked quite grown up!

In the musical, you were THING 1

This is you with your facilitator who is a Fatima Old Girl
You also had other fun days while I was away (photos from the school Facebook Page)
When I got back we had a reunion party with all the toys, the singing dolls, Pink Panther, Barnie, Kanga, Thandi and One Eyed Jackie.

  You decided that it was also One Eyed Jackie's 3rd birthday
so we had a cake with three candles for her

It was wonderful to be back home and have a party with you my darling.