Friday, December 23, 2011

A Sleep Over!!

Yay!!  Last weekend you had a sleepover at our house.  At mid-day you went to your Dad's work Christmas Tree Party.  Then Mom and Dad were going to the Company Christmas dinner in the evening so Mom asked if we could have you for a sleep over.  You haven't slept here over night since you were a little babe so we were happy to say yes!

After Mom and Dad left I gave you a bubble bath and brushed your hair. Your hair has grown quite long and is still very blond.

Then you and Gumpy had chicken and chips for dinner. I cut pieces off Gumpy's large schnitzel and gave you little strips of chicken. You ate it all and enjoyed the chips with tomato sauce.

We watched Ceebeebies and at about 8pm I took you to bed. Your bed was the fold out sleeper couch in our room. You chatted away for nearly an hour before you went to sleep. You talk in your sleep! I also heard you shout once and thought you were awake.

You woke up at 5am and I lay down next to you on the sleeper hoping you would go back to sleep. But the Hadedas were calling and you told me it was day time. I took you through to the TV room so that we wouldn't wake Gumpie. You had Milo and Yogurt but you didn't want toast or cereal.

We played with the toys and then I took you for a walk around the block in your pram.  When we got back Mom and Dad arrived to fetch you.

When I thanked you for coming to sleep-over I said, "I am going to miss you Emily, I wish you could sleep over again". 
You said, "No my granny, I can't sleep at your house very day".   We'll, I was very happy to have you for even one day.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pam treatment every 4 months

Hello my darling,

Last weekend you were in Parklands having your Pamidronate treatment.  Until now you have been going for 3 days every 3 months, having treatment for 3 hours each day.  Now that you weigh 13kg you only have to go again in March next year, and every 4 months thereafter!  YAY!!  That'll make your life easier my darling girl. 
When I visited you the first day I asked you what you had on your hand (it was bandaged to hold the port in place).  You said, "The doctor gave me a mosquito bite." 
I had a cold so I didn't want to visit you in the ward.  Mom and Dad brought you to the coffee shop so that we could sit together.  I brought foxy (a red hand-puppet that I think is over 30 years old) and your little St Bernard puppy toy called Sparky.  You were so pleased to see them - like they were real friends come to visit you. 
On Sunday I brought Thandi, your little brown dolly, and Pink Panther. You asked if you come to my house after the hospital and I told you that it was Thandi's birthday and of course you had to come to the party. I bought mini cup-cakes and a few savoury snacks and when Mom and Dad brought you round in the afternoon we had a birthday party for Thandi. There were two candles in a cup-cake and you helped Thandi blow them out.  We sang happy birthday (twice) and ate all the cakes and snacks.  I think we must have a birthday party at least once a month, don't you?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello my Emily Ann!
You are a lucky girl - you are going to have two birthdays this month!  Your birthday is on Sunday 16th October but, because there was a chance that South Africa might be in the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup and because the AmaShova cycle race is on next weekend, your parents decided to bring your party forward to the 8th October instead.  So we had balloons, banners, cake, sweets, chips, and a magician and clown who did face painting at your party.  It was great fun! 
You wanted a butterly and Barbie party so Mom made a butterfly cake that had a Barbie doll for the body.  She very cleverly made a skirt for Barbie out of icing so when it came to blowing out the candles and cutting up the cake, you ate the clothes off the Barbie doll! 

And then, the following week, on your birthday 16th October, we had a Birthday Tea Party for the family.  I brought your table into the lounge and set it with all your colourful plates.  I bought different cupcakes, a gingerbread man, an ice-cream cone rocket, marie biscuit faces, chips, dips and fruit bowls.  We had sweeties and cold drinks and a No 3 candle for you to blow out.

 Mom dressed you in the little outfit Patty and I bought for you in Russia
and you looked like a princess!

Patty came and your Granny Laura, and Greg and Sharon came over for a while.  I put your favourite toys on the couch alongside he table so that they could also share the tea party.

By the way, you colourful orthotics, that fit sungly into your sandals, have proved very successful.  They have helped to turn your collapsing arches upright and are helping to prevent bowing in the shin bones (tibia).  You can see them here:

Friday, October 7, 2011

6 weeks is a long time!

Em, you left for England before me and by the time you got back on 4th September I had left for Spain and I didn't see you for nearly 6 weeks.  That is a long time in a little girl's life and when I got back you looked so grown up! 
You had a lovely time in England and Mom and Dad said you were really well behaved. 
You went on the London Eye, you went to animal farms, went to Hamleys Toy Shop - one of the biggest in the world - and had your face painted like a little tiger! You met my friend Pat Cooper who is Graham's Mommy. They used to live in Durban and Mark and Graham played table tennis together and often slept over at each other's homes. 
Graham came back to South Africa to be at Mark's wedding.  In the photograph here you can see Mark, Greg, Graham and Kevin.
I was walking in Spain until then end of September.  You came to the airport with your Mom and Dad to welcome me home.  I was so happy to see you again!  I don't like being away from you for such a long time - I really missed you. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emily in In-ga-lund

Hello my darling Em,
You have gone to 'In-ga-lund' for a three week holiday with your Mom and Dad!  For months we have been preparing you with stories about flying in aeroplanes, sleeping on the plane, visiting Kevin and Jacks, and Graham and Geroge (Georgina).
On Saturday afternoon we needed two cars to transport you, Mom, Dad, the pram, and an assortment of backpacks and kitbags to the airport.  I really admire your Mom for taking this on!  She had a real battle trying to find someone to rpovide insurance for you and Mark as most don't cover pre-existing conditions.  In the end she did find someone - at a premium - but at least they will have some cover should either of you have an accident while you are away.
At the airport I told you that I was going to miss you terribly and wished I was going with you.  "You can come too, Danny," you said.  I told you that I was also going on an aeroplane - to Spain.  "I go with you to Spain, Danny" you said.  Sweet child. 
When you got to Johannesburg Gail was there to meet you.  She sent this photo of you three.
Dad sent an sms from London: "Hey Momzie! Arrived safely at Kevin's. Em was a star but we didn't sleep much. Em slept for about 6 hours. Going around town later."
We are so proud of you Em.  Dad was worried that they were going to be 'those people with children' who everyone avoids on long flights but you were a star!
Yesterday Mom put a photo of you on Facebook after you had been to Face-Painting at Hamleys. 
I don't even recognize the little pink tiger-face in the photograph!  That is Kevin in the background.  I posted a comment, "EEEeeeekk!!! 5 floors of wonderland!" and Kevin posted one back, "Em didn't know where to go there was so much distraction! I think I might have been the same *looks around nervously* I think the adults are in more need of a nap than the noo-noo!! :)"
Dad phoned us last night and I had a chat to you.  When I said I was missing you, you said, "We are coming to your house now-now, Danny".  Dear little thing!
It sounds as though you are having a lovely time but I am missing you guys. Yesterday I posted a photograph of your play table on Mom's Facebook so that you could see Thandi, Panther, Sparky and one-eyed-Jack waiting to have a tea-party with you when you get back.
I will be leaving here to go to Spain before you get back so I won't see you for nearly 6 weeks.  That is a long time to be without my Noo-noo!  I'll send you  regular photographs and emails so that you can see where I am walking.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Emily can dance, and run, and spin ......

Hello my darling Em,
You are growing tall, like a weed!  At the end of January we measured your height and marked it on the inside of a cupboard in the guest room.  You were 87cm tall.  At the end of April you were 90cm tall. 
You also have beautiful blond hair which Mom often puts into a pony-tail.  You look like a little angel!
I went to Spain for three weeks to walk the Camino and while I was away you kept asking if you could go to Spain to see your Danny. 
I missedyou while I was away but Tammy sent me emails from you.  This is one of them after her 30th birthday party at our house.

 "Yesterday I went to Kelsey's birthday party she turned 3. She lives in our complex. We bought her a my little pony doll and mommy wouldn't let me unwrap it :(
I have been playing with Craig all weekend and he keeps asking to to say delicious and I won't (but I smile and giggle at him a lot). He is such a nice man and mommy and daddy say he is 'so good with me'.
I had lots of fun at mommy's party too we had lots of chips and I ate lots of the smooshy white cheese and everyone said I looked beautiful in my stripped leggings and pretty dress. Mommy had fun too she got lots of gifts and I opened them all !!
Have to go nap now.
Love you ganny

 On Sunday you went to Greg & Sharon's place for a family get-together. Patty was there and you and she had a good chat.

And this one:
"Yesterday we went to the Pav and I walked around holding Taylor's hand it was very nice day and we had teddy bear ice creams.

Love you Danny."

You love to dance and to sing (although I hate to say it but you can't really keep a tune!)  You like to do performances.  You stand up straight and say, "Ladies and Gentlemen!"  Then you clear your throat a few times and start to give an exaggerated rendition, with arm and body actions, of  Twinkle, twinkle little star - or Ring-a-ring-a-Rosies.  When we all clap and cheer, you bow your head and say 'thank you'. 
These performances are not only given to family or friends but to complete strangers. Last Sunday we went to braai atDennis and Rita's in Kloof.  It was to welcome their Son Anthony, his wife Megan and their two children on a visit from Australia.  Their were about 9 little children ranging from 10 months to 10 years and the parents told them that a little girl was coming who might hurt if she was pushed over or treated roughly.  When you arrived you were the centre of attraction!  All the little girls wanted to hold your hand and take care of you.  Joclyn from Australia was very taken with you when she was told that you were her cousin!  Your favourite at the party was Casey who cared for you all afternoon.
 The other day Tammy had to renew her driver's license and had a long wait in the queue at the Rossburgh Testing Grounds.  You kept the queues amused by your wonderful singing and acting!

You also like to dance and spin but we have to warn to do it slowly in case you fall.  Also when you run.  Phsew - my heart stands still!  It is a miracle to see you running but I always say, 'slowly, Em, slowly'.
In August you are going to England with Mom and Dad to visit Graham and George and Kevin and Jackie and other friends.  By then you will be nearly three years-old and Mom has been searching for a pre-school in Durban North.  There are many schools but they don't want you to go to one where the classes are too big.  I know she'll find just the right school for you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My name is Danny and I Live with Dumpy in a house with a nice darden.

Hello my Emily princess,
You have the most beautiful blond hair - soft like your Dad's. 
You still can't say words starting with a 'G' or a 'K' - so my name is 'Danny' and your 'Gumpy' is 'Dumpy'. 
Whenever you come you ask to visit my 'darden' and I take you to see the little tomatoes, pepadews, brinjals, lettuce and herbs.  I bought a cute ceramic frog and snail to put in the square-foot box and you love to visit Mr Froggie and Mr Snail.  Your favourite was to eat strawberries from the garden but they have all gone over now.

You have some really old-fashioned ways about you Em.  When you meet new people you like to hold out your hand and say "Pleased to meet you, what is your name?"  It often takes people aback!  You say words like 'fantastic!' and 'delicious!'  and when people are walking down steps you tell them to be careful.  You are very sweet.
The other day I took you for a long walk along your road - Anthony Rd - to High Ridge Rd and on the way back we stopped for a Teddy-Bear's picnic on the verge under a tree.  Huggington Bear came with us and I took a blanket (your favourite one) two plastic tea-set saucers and cups and we had a picnic with biscuits, Jungle bars and juice.

One of your favourite games is 'tea party'.  We lay out your tea set and have real mini-tennis biscuits and Eat-sum-more with Iced Tea, your favourite drink.  When you pour my tea you tell me its hot and you or I must blow on it first.  When you eat your biscuit you say, "Mmmmm... delicious!" 

You also love to go shopping with a handbag over your arm.  We go to the kitchen and you fill the bag with an apple, potato, grapes and whatever else you can 'buy' in my kitchen.  You give me bluff-bluff money and I give you what you want.  Sometimes you want to buy 'thweetees' or 'ithe-keem' but Mommy doesn't always allow you to buy those!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

You did'nt break a thing!

Hello my darling Em.
You survived your first BIG fall with no fractures - what a miracle - just a very swollen face!
You went to a birthday party with Mom and Dad on Saturday morning.  You were sitting on Dad's lap and as he tried to negotiate his wheelchair onto a concrete path his front wheels caught on the concrete and the whole chair tipped forward.  You flipped off his lap,  face first onto the concrete and Mark had to put his right leg down to stop himself from falling on top of you. 
There was a lot of blood from your mouth and Mark and Tammy took you to Westville hospital. The doctor said that you had bitten your tongue and that it would heal in a few days. They had to put a wad of gauze in your mouth to absorb the bleeding. When you got to our place you looked like a very hurt, miserable little girl with a split lip, a fat face and a bloody gauze in your mouth. Mark was still shaken, white in the face.  I didn't know who to comfort first - you, your Mom or my son.  Its was easy when I only had one to worry about but now, as a granny, mother-in-law and mother, I have three people to care about when an accident like this happens. Within an hour your jaw started swelling. The following day you looked like a blow-fish and the tongue hadn't stopped bleeding so Mom and Dad took you to Entabeni hospital for an X-ray. Luckily Dr Roos happened to be there and he looked at the X-rays but couldn't see any fractures. If your jaw had been fractured he might have had to wire your jaw shut. He put you onto antibiotics.
The bruise came out on the second day and it looked as though you had been punched on the jaw. When you came to visit and I went to take you out of the car you pointed your finger at me and said, "Careful Danny, careful my face."

Its a miracle that you didn't break anything, Em. You could have sustained a skull fracture, a fractured jaw, broken teeth, arms or collar bones.

You actually didn't bite your tongue.  Mom was able to look inside your mouth and saw that it was the part under the tongue that had split. One good thing about this - for you - is that you got to enjoy lots of 'ithe-keem' until the mouth healed!

The swelling started to go down after a few days although you still have a lump on your left side but the bruising has gone yellow and

Butterfly kisses my beautiful darling!
Danny Nilsen. 

PS:  This gorgeous photograph clearly shows your egg-shell blue sclera.