Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BIG DAY for you today!!

Hello little Em,
It was a BIG day for you today!  You attended Day Care with your Mom this morning for two hours, just around the corner from our house.  When Gumpie and I walked the dogs we came back up Heather Road hoping to see you at 8h30 and as we turned into the road, we saw your Mom's car and Dad right behind her.  So, we were able to see you before you went into the house.
Mom said that you loved it!  She said you laughed a lot and loved being with the other babies.  Your favourites were Aiden (who is very quiet) and Hannah.  It went really well and you will now go twice a week - Wednesdays and Fridays - from 08h30 to 10h30.
I am SO pleased that you are going to be able to socialise with other children Em.  You were 18 monthsold on Sunday and you have never had a friend or other children to play with.  You are always with adults and, as a result, you have a wonderful vocabulary, are quite precocious (in a good way) and you are advanced in other ways.  But, you love children and need to be with them.
The photos here were taken about 10 days ago.  You came to visit and I filled a mixing bowl with coloured balls.  You took the balls out and reversed into the bowl!  You were so proud of yourself when you discovered that you fitted that you threw your arms up and shouted YAY! 
This photo was taken at Sibaya - where you had your first cream scone.

The other one was taken the other day. I bought you a pop-up, tent. You went "POOOoooooh!!!" when you saw it and climbed straight into it, pointing out Pooh Bear and EyeOre.
You pull yourself up and stand all the time now. Sometimes you walk around furniture so we all have to be on the ball and be there to hold you.
Mom noticed the other day that your left foot turns inwards when you stand.  She showed the physio and it was agreed that you should have a little neoprene ankle support to use when you stand.