Sunday, December 27, 2009

14 months and a wonderful vocabulary!!

You have a wonderful vocabulary for a 14 month old:   Here are some of the words you can say:

Nana (banana)
Boo (blue)     
Pappa (paper)

And here are some of the things you respond to:
"How old are you?"  You point one finger in the air.
"How much does Mommy love you?"  You throw out both arms.
"How much does Daddy love you?"  You throw both arms up in the air.
"Do you want more?"  You touch fingers of both hand (more sign) and say 'more'.
"Do you want to eat?"  You touch your mouth (eat sign).
"Clap hands" You clap your hands.
"Give me a love"  You come closer and hug,
"Where's my kiss?"  You give na open mouth kiss.
"What does the dog say?"  Woof-woof-woof
"What does the cow say?"  Mmmmmoooo
"What does the Hadeda say?"  ""
"Do you want to come up?"  "Up. up' and you raise both arms.

Other Signs you know:
No more

You are such a bright, happy little girl.  You love to learn and you concentrate when I take you around the garden and show you the trees and the flowers.
You also love tobe in the rain and you put your little face up like I do and open yur mouth to catch the raindrops!  You are a precious child Em and I love you very much.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cutie Pie!!


Em - you are such a cutie pie!  You love to play and interact with people.  You shout with glee everytime you see a child; you shout 'hey-yo!' when you see people at the mall or in stores; when a phone rings you shout 'hey-yo", and you are so astute that when someone talking on the phone starts closing off by saying, 'ok then, thank you...' you shout 'bye-bye' even before they say goodbye.
You are a bright, clever, fun-loving cutie! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


You love water!  On Sunday at Patty's we sat outside on her lawn and I filled an old cat litter box with water for you to play with. You had such fun with the hosepipe and the water!! 
Love you baby Em!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Talking, talking, talking!!

You copy everything we say - even when we try to emphasize a sound,at the beginning of a word you copy that!  I've been teaching you to say 'More' - showing you the sign for more and saying the word.  You started out by doing the sign but now you just say the word, "mmmmmmmmmmm..muh"  It sounds so funny!
We took you to the animal farm at Asagay and you tried to copy the sounds the animals make.  'Gog, gog, gog, gog..." for the ducks  "puh, puh, puh" for the chickens and when you tried to make the pig sounds you just blew a rasberry!!

You are afraid of animals.  I don't know why that is but you blink, pull back and clench your hand, and stick your tongue out when an animal comes near.  Even little dogs get the rasberry treatment although you did touch this little puppy when we held it up to you.  You weren't having anything to do with the pony!

You actually shouted at the little black pigs when they started snuffling around our feet.  And you didn't like the swans - a large black hissing couple that pushed their bills through the fencing looking for food. 
You copy almost everything we say and do. Mom has taught you when she says "how much does Mommy love you?" to throw your arms wide.  "How much does Daddy love you?" you throw your arms up.  I'm trying to teach you to hug yourself when I ask, "how much does granny love you?"
You are a princess! I tied some ivy into a graland and pushed a few flowers into it for your crown. You love walking around the garden and looking at all the flowers. I say the correct words 'bouganvila' 'strelitzia' 'gerannium' brunsfelsia' 'anthirium'. You smile and say 'Ta. ta".

You are curious about everything and sometime the look of amazement and wonder on your face is incredible.  Greg opened an umbrella the other day and the look on your face made us laugh.  You thought he was magic - turning a common old walking stick into a floating canopy!
I wonder what goes through your mind?  How do you process everything you see?  Its as though a cognitive gene has just switched on and you are only now able to examine, absorb and identify things around you.  Your brain is like a little computer that is frantically storing information about the world around you.