Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hello my darling Em,

Your last day at school was fun and sad for you.  You received a 'Shining Star" Certificate for "being such a friendly and cheerful little girl and always trying hard to do your best."  A well deserved certificate my darling.

You had a farewell party with your swimming friends and one of the mothers in your Grade surprised you with a Disco party in your honour.

On Saturday you had Dad's company Christmas Tree party where you saw Santa.

 You also went to the Sneddon Theatre to watch Puss in Boots.

You visited your new school where you met the Grade 2 teacher, principal, and had a tour of the school.  Now you have a nice long holiday with no extra work to do and lots of time for holiday play.

On Monday morning Gumpie and I came back from our long weekend in Cape Town.  You and Tammy were there to meet us with a welcome home sign you coloured in for us.
The first thing we did when we got home was to visit the vegetable garden.  You love messing about in there but we found that after the heavy rains, all our fat strawberries were rotting and the lettuce leaves were soggy.  They will recover.  There are now 8 granadillas hanging from the vine and new peppers, tomatoes and brinjals on the plants.


Christmas is coming and we will have another happy Christmas day at our house.  Jeff, Gail and Craig will be staying over at our place and I'm sure you will also want to have a sleep-over during the holidays.

Have a wonderful holiday Em - you deserve it after all the extra hard work during this year.

I love you!