Friday, June 3, 2016

MAY 2016

 YEE-HAA!!!  200m!   I can't even swim 10 m without the noodle!  You are a great swimmer!

You had some fun with your new 'Aunty' Merilyn (who is your Mom's aunt)

Just look how beautiful your hair is and much it has grown!  You could easily be Rapunzel!

Poor little Muffin had to wear a collar and stay in the cage after having her operation.

Your smart new winter uniform. 

We attended your assembly again where the Grade Two's were given special certificates.  Yours says:  "This young lady never stops smiling, she always gives of her best and she loves to chat too."
Having fun with the Sharks at the Sharks Tank

The 'Pirahna' creeper at the bottom of our garden flowers in April.  It has a very strong, sweet perfume.  You cut a couple of sprays of flowers on Jenna and Carling's graves.