Monday, May 8, 2017

APRIL 2017

My darling, precious Em,

What a busy holidays you had this month!  You had a school fun day.

It was warm enough for you to swim and we spent some time playing on the big lilo your folks bought you for Christmas.

We went to Tembe Elephant park the first weekend in April  It was a combined birthdays and anniversaries celebration.  Gumpy's birthday is on 8th April, our wedding anniversary on 12th April, Sharon's birthday on 29th April, your Mom and Dad's anniversary on 2 May, your Dad's birthday on 15th May, Mom's on 24th, Greg's 26th and Sharon and Greg's anniversary on 30th May.  Only you and I have birthdays in different months.

You enjoyed the Game Drives, even when the elephants almost surrounded the vehicle and we had to keep very quiet and not move.  They had a tiny baby and all the adults were protecting it.

You also enjoyed the school group choir that come to give us a show on Saturday night.  You got up and danced with the lead dancer as he lead them in song.

The next day we saw lions at the waterhole.  The mother has a collar and the three cubs stayed close to her most of the time.

Tom Mahamba is the Hospitality Manager at the camp and one of the head guides.  He know every plant, insect, bird and animal you find in the park.  He can also jump very high from a standing position and you were really impressed with that!

Out in the park with Vusi, our game guide for the weekend.  He let you help with the coffee and teas.

Then you had to go for your treatment.  You are very brave and you don't even whimper when they put the port into your hand.

You and your folks flew to Johannesburg and spent a week with Gail, Jeff and the boys.  You followed Craig around the Golf course.

But you had the best time at the river with your cousins and friends.

 You lost another tooth!

 These are the neighbours' puppies

You and your Dad on the big rubber tube

On the way home you got to sit in the pilot seat

We were so happy to see you that we made you a welcome home sign
 when we fetched you from the airport.

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