Tuesday, July 4, 2017

JUNE 2017

 Hello my princess Emily!

My lost suitcase finally arrived and I was able to give you the presents I bought for you in Spain - a picture book about Santiago de Compostela, a Camino t-shirt and two party dresses.

You are learning how to play chess so I bought you a small chess set to practise with.  You played with Gumpy at our house using the 'Magic Table' chess board and you did really well.

You are also doing pottery and this is a bunny that you made for your Aunt Candice.

Jeff and Richard came to stay for a weekend to watch the rugby.  
You were there to meet them at the airport.

Jeff took the family out to dinner 

 At the rugby you got an autograph from the TV Sports presenter 

After rugby we had a braai at our place.

Gumpy and I went to your school sports day.  You took part in the star event.  Your house won!

 We are planning a sleepover during the July holidays and I am so looking forward to that!

Love you lots my angel-child,

Granny Syl

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